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      My story begins when it starts to get cold out, generally late October. The ringing generally gets louder the colder it gets. If I start to get a cold, it's all over, roaring ringing until the summer, when I have no problems with tinnitus.

      I've been to an audiologist, who confirms a 70+% hearing loss in both ears over the winter. I've been to several ENTs. Generally, I'm put on courses of antibiotics, nasal steroids, drops and inhalers without luck. One has suggested tubes, of which I'm a little skeptical. I'm considering seeing an allergist.

      On the less traditional front, I've done months of chiropractic sessions, neti pots, local honey, green tea. I am giving acupuncture a try.

      It is incredibly frustrating not being able to hear. I end up retreating, I avoid going out because I can't participate in conversations. I am frustrated with the doctors, who don't seem invested.

      I don't know what to do other then wait until warmer weather, but I am willing to try anything.

      My name is Dave, I'm 27 and I live in Washington, DC.
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      Hi, Dave, and welcome!! Your tinnitus case is rather unusual; that's the first time I've heard of tinnitus getting worse in colder weather and better in warmer weather. Seeing an allergist may be a good idea; maybe he/she can shed some light on why this affects you so much during the wintertime. And this has been such a crazy winter! I know you're looking forward to warmer weather soon. Hope the acupuncture is helpful to you.

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