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      The dreaded T started nearly 9 years ago. Nothing specific preceded it, other than maybe an epic jaw crack that made my head ring for a second. Was dealing with a small sinus cold at the time too. I went to bed that night and that's when I heard it: a faint humming. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. It took me until early that morning to realize it was coming from within my head.

      I was born with sensorineural hearing loss. It was a "gift" passed down by my mother to my sisters and I. Hearing loss I could deal with, sometimes it was actually a blessing when you wanted to really tune out. This T though...I haven't heard true silence in 8 years. Most days I'm ok. Some days its so overwhelming that real life just seems...a distant possibility. Coupled with my hearing loss, this has just amplified my difficulties in being social and communication. I've regressed to being all but a shut-in since normal social interactions have become nearly impossible thanks to the constant, distracting, hum.

      The doctors I've talked to basically tell me to deal with it. Which is easy for them to say. No one seems to understand just how it impacts a life. At first I couldn't imagine living with this for a year, let alone eight. I'm tired and worn down to nearly nothing, and I want possibilities and hope, not more "Oh well"s.

      I'm hoping I find some of the information here to be useful. It's nice to meet you all.
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      Hey J.

      I'm a noob(ish) here too and your situation is almost identical to mine (with the exception that I've had T for 22 years).

      For me (and it's a bit cheesy and a bit of a cliche I guess) T is about stress management and trying to focus on everything else but T. Of course that is easier said than done, but like me and probably you, it is about habitation until the day that someone or some body announces a cure.

      I do believe there are techniques available that can drastically diminish the effect of T (personally yoga, meditation and reiki helps me). I guess we all need to try to work out what techniques best suit us until that day comes (which I think it will - if like in the news today we can map out the genome of a child that died 24,000 years ago, surely a cure for T is not beyond the realms of possibility or hope).

      As Agent Mulder once said, you are not alone :D
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      Welcome! Your definitely not alone. No one here will tell you to deal with it or " oh well." I'm fairly new and I've found a lot of support and guidance here. There are ways for you to find your way back to your life again. There are many things u can try, continue to read through the forums. Many stories here, tips, ideas and thoughts on the subject of T.
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      Sorry to hear about your problems. Hopefully in the next 10-20 years there will be legit stem cell therapies, meaning demonstrated enough, for hearing loss and tinnitus.

      I noticed the vikings hat. You would happen to like the Vikings football team would you?

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