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      As long as I can remember. 01/1977
      Hello all. Yancey here. I found this site when I was checking to see if there had been any advancement in treatments for T. Don't know why I didn’t think to look for a forum on this before. Doh! I've had T for as long as i can remember. Think it started around 6-7 yrs old. Had a couple of really bad ear aches around then as well as a pretty serious childhood trauma. I have very loud (most days) ringing in both ears. I can usually hear it even in noisy environments. I'm also suffering from chronic insomnia and moderate to severe sleep apnea, both central and obstructive. The apnea is somewhat under control with the use of a CPAP. None of which keeps me from living a good life. Some days I'm a little bit tired. Otherwise, life is good. lol
      I hope i will eventually be able to find some relief from the ringing. I don't hold any illusions of ever knowing silence.
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      Ive only had T for about 3 months in both ears. Fun.
      Do you have any hearing loss and can you hear your T over a shower?

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