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      Hey there,
      My name is Ellen. I've had Tinnitus for two years now.

      I'd imagine alot of you feel the same way but... It's very frustrating. Hearing past it is easy enough with practice, I don't really mind the noise but I sort of miss silence. My family don't quite understand, though they try, and it seems like loud noises are amplified. Like when someone opens a can I can't help but flinch. I need to go to the doctor really but you hear so many horror stories that it keeps me from asking him about it.

      I got mine from a concert 2 years ago, I never really realised what I was doing to my ears until the damage had been done. I do hope that at some point the message will go out there, it's such a stupid thing to lose your hearing over. I've noticed a couple of people say that tinnitus makes you anxious and is in turn worsened by anxiety. Is that true?

      I've got a lot of questions and lots to say but I'll end it here. The questions will wait!
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      @LadySoubi - :welcomesignanimation: You've found the right place! "Missing the silence" is a perfect way describing T!!! That is exactly what I miss!! I have had T since Oct 1 2012, and haven't had barely a moment of silence since!:X3: So I get it (and so do so many great people here on TT!!(y))

      Since it sounds like your T was trauma (noise) induced, you probably should see an audiologist and/or an otolaryngologist to at least explore the possibilities of some sort of medical solution. Just don't get your hopes up to high. Just do your research and get a good referral!

      You are correct that T can and does bring on some level of anxiety in the vast majority people who suffer from T. It varies in it's severity from person to person, and also in duration. My experience was (thank God I am past it now!!) that the anxiety I experienced was caused by my T, but my anxiety did not affect the severity of my T. That may be different for others. But, getting your anxiety under control is essential to the process of habituation (learning to live with T)!!! Getting proper sleep and getting anxiety under control are absolute key elements to habituating!

      If I can be of some encouragement to you, I have, for the most part, habituated. My T is still there, but I don't struggle with it any longer. My anxiety and depression have gone away, and I am living again!!:) So IT IS POSSIBLE!! (y)

      Don't hold back on your questions!! That's what TT is all about! TT is a community of people who have T, in all it's various ways, shapes and forms! We support each other, we share our experiences and perspectives, and ask and answer questions!! This is a safe place to share and ask questions of people who GET IT!!! So don't be shy!

      Also I encourage you to spend some time (you may already have) exploring all the different threads and categories here on TT! Lots of GOOD STUFF!!

      I wish you peace and relief!


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      Hiya @LadySoubi.

      As @Jeff M said, you have definitely come to the right place. I am sure everyone here knows exactly what you are going through.

      Firstly, I agree with Jeff: I would go and see an audiologist if you feel like loud noises are amplified. Has it been that way since you first got your T?

      And you are right, we definitely need to get the message out about T. Before I got mine (after having a cold and fluid building up) I hadn't even heard of it. I knew after loud music you could have ringing in your ears, but I never knew it could be permanent. The world definitely needs to start taking hearing protection more seriously. If it were up to me I would hand out free earplugs at every concert, and have the band come on and tell everyone to please wear their earplugs. Some bars/clubs have started, so hopefully lots more will follow.

      I have also heard that anxiety can make T worse. It's never happened with me - maybe because I'm more anxious about it I hear it more, but I don't base my anxiety/stress levels on it. I think it is better if you are relaxed/positive though, just because you are healthier and hopefully that means the T can get better.

      And again I agree with Jeff: please ask your questions! Many people on this site will have gone through the same things you have, or are struggling with similar problems, so please feel free to ask. TT is here for people to talk about their worries and have rant, so please don't hold back!
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      Hi @LadySoubi,

      Welcome to the right place! This is where I came last December after trying to deal with the onset of T for a month on my own--I was really in a dark place and very anxious. I had lost quite a bit of weight because I was so anxious from not sleeping more than 2-3 hours a night, trying to work full time and not being able to eat. I took the advice I received here. I got some meds for a week to get some sleep and then I got an anti-anxiety med. I underwent CBT and now practice relaxation and meditation on a daily basis. I am one of the people whose anxiety makes my T worse. It's okay now because I am starting to habituate and mostly don't mind the noise. I admit I still get annoyed but at onset, I was terrorized by it. I gave it so much power. Not anymore. I live my life.

      Ask any questions--the veterans on this board are wonderful and stay around to help those of us who come after--even though they are habituated.

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