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Do you find it hard living with tinnitus?

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    1. _Dominik

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      My name is Dominik and im from Croatia. I'm 16 and have had tinnitus since last year. Its high pitch sound, sometimes really annoying. I wish it could go away one day... and wish that someone finds cure or working treatment, because I think there is no threatment for this yet - for hearing loss

      Should of listen to my mum... she told me not to wear headphones all day. I was so stupid.
    2. Karen

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      Hi, Dominick, and welcome to Tinnitus Talk!

      I'm sorry you have tinnitus at such a young age. We here all understand what you're going through right now, and can provide lots of information and support on our mutual condition.

      First of all, you're right that there is no formal cure for tinnitus right now, but a lot of treatments are currently being tested, and there are some promising ones out there. The odds are that there will be an effective treatment in your lifetime!

      Right now, though, the main thing to do is to learn to cope with your tinnitus. There are many ways to do that, and there are lots of great suggestions on this board that will help you a lot. The main thing right now for you is to try to remain calm about your tinnitus, and try to get some sleep each night. You will feel a lot better if you do, and will be more able to cope with the ups and downs of tinnitus each day.

      Most of us who have had tinnitus for awhile have found that rest, exercise, following a good diet, and distracting yourself (keeping your mind and body active and busy) will help the most. If you are really having problems right now, you could try a prescription drug for anxiety from your doctor, then gradually wean off it as your brain gets more adjusted to the tinnitus. If you would prefer to go the natural route, there are some supplements worth trying, including melatonin (for sleep and for tinnitus), gingko biloba, magnesium, and N-Acetyl-L-Cytine. Also, some people have had success with vinpocetine.

      Try to live your life as normally as possible, in spite of the T, and in time you may find it is easier to cope with.

      Others on this forum may have additional suggestions for you.

      We're glad you've joined us at Tinnitus Talk!

      Best wishes and hugs,
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    3. AUTHOR

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      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for fast reply and those informations! I am trying to get at least 7-8 hours sleep. Im still in high school and sometimes its hard for me to concentrate, but im trying.

      Hope that medicine will improve signidicantly in near future. As for drugs im not going to try them jet, but maby soon - i think they are not worth it cause of side effects and they arent really helping, but probably not same for everyone.

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