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      Hello everyone!

      So I have two forms of tinnitus, a ringing sensation in one ear, which I have had since I was a kid (I am 30 now). But the more troublesome one for me is an occasional rumbling/roaring type in the other, which I have noticed for at least 5 years, on and off.

      So the newest form is odd and I cannot pinpoint what the heck it is. I haven't seen a doctor about it because I am not sure if it is something or not. I have on/off high anxiety too. Here is how it's characterized for me:

      - A low rumbling/roaring sound with a vibration feeling and fullness, only seem to notice it if I am looking for it and/or anxious.
      - Intermittent and I can spike it if I do things like rub my ear, sometimes swallow or hearing lower volume noises but ONLY in a quiet environment.
      - I can flex my Tensor Tympani muscle, if I do that it will cause the tinnitus to spike briefly too, but after it's relaxed. Sometimes if I don't hear it, just flexing this muscle will start it up and keep it going for awhile, I don't understand this connection.
      - Sometimes bending over I can hear it or mainly laying down
      - On rare occasions, when laying down only, it is pulsatile (symptom which has me the most scared). It's kind of like the usual rumbling transforms into pulsing.

      I also seem to notice more in the winter months, which is when I am the most anxious/stressed too. No dizzines, headaches or vertigo though and all of these things produce the same type of noise and sensation too. The closest thing I have found is TTTS but even that is iffy. So maybe just paranoia due to stress, I don't know. :(

      Anyways, nice to meet you guys and I would love to hear any advice or suggestions!

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      Hi dan nice to meet you sorry I have no advice as I'm only 8 weeks in to this and struggling. But I thought I would say hello and keep strong mate
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