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      Hi, I'm Mollie. I'm a retired teacher.
      I had tinnitus about five years ago, and intermittently it's come back. It's a high-pitched whine which at first makes me think I'm hearing something electronic, but it's deep within my head.

      When it first cropped up, I had my hearing tested and it was fine. They said they could do nothing, but asked if I'd like psychological counselling. I agreed but it seemed nothing but answering questions about how I felt. So I gave up and had the wax syringed from my ears, and that actually cured the problem; not completely, but it was much quieter and I could tolerate it. It's cropped up again in the last couple of years, maybe since I took up the violin again, but each time, syringing has sorted it.

      But this August it came back. I've had my right ear syringed, but it's still there, sometimes louder than others. It disturbs my sleep. I use a white noise machine (waves breaking) and have the computer switched to videos of rain or birdsong, but I usually wake up a few hours later to find my tinnitus much louder. It's only bearable if I sleep on my bad ear. If I lie on my left side, I feel it all soaking painfully into my ear and it becomes very loud.

      I've been to the hospital again. My hearing is still okay, though some of the higher notes I'm missing. I've had two ear infections, treated with amoxycillin, and am currently on a nasal spray. I am going to have an MRI scan, which I'm not looking forward to, as I'm claustrophobic; I'm not expecting them to find a brain tumour but it's as well to check.

      I'm glad to join this forum. I can see that if I could only 'not mind' this noise, I'd sleep much better - it's no problem during the day. But how do I get to 'not mind' it? Hypotherapy? Acupressure? Relaxation Techniques? Tiring myself out? I wonder what the answer is, and am hoping that knowing about your experiences may help me.
      Thanks in advance for any replies.
      Live long and prosper!
      Mollie x
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      Head Injury
      There are so-called open scanners. Sedation is also a possibility; hospital staff needs to know in advance.

      Remember earplugs, and remember to use them correctly.

      Finally, consider if it is worthwhile having the MRI in the first place.

      Depending on your geographical location and willingness to experiment, there are medical - as well as - psychological possibilities to explore; much material on this site to look through and a "Doctor's Corner" to visit.
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      Thanks, attheedgeofscience - I'm new to the site and I look forward to seeing advice that may help.
      I think I shall have to have the MRI scan, because my GP ordered it for me and she is a doctor whom I trust. Plus, I'm a superstitious person and I'd worry if I declined it. But I will bear in mind what you say about earplugs. I have a friend who actually has a (benign) brain tumour and has experience of MRI scans, so when I get the appointment through the post, I will consult her. Best wishes, Mollie
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      The claustrophobia was a non-issue, but my MRI scan was a traumatic experience. I had never realised, or been warned, that it would be so loud. I was afraid my eardrums would burst and I could literally feel my ears beginning to heat up. I was tempted to squeeze the ball in my hand and to abort the mission, but having been told that it would last only eight minutes, I stuck it out. Afterwards I felt dazed, as if I couldn't walk, or take anything in, and I had a headache that lasted for two days.
      I am still waiting for the result. I just hope it's normal so I never have to go through that again.

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