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      Hey folks
      I'm Joshua, I'm 40, live in Far NorCal on the coast. I've had tinnitus for about 15 years. Recently it has gotten worse. It is multiple pitched and the balance switches from ear to ear sometimes without being completely absent from other side. Before it got worse I could kind of make the loudest of the tones go away by concentrating on them but that has stopped in the last year. I've tried onion juice drops, ear plugs, low white noise with headphones among other things to no avail. My loud noise history is pretty bad with being in the Navy, 14 years in the Fire Service, and playing guitar in bands along with many many concerts. Some of these I have worn plugs for. I do have a history with insomnia although I don't know how it may have been affected by the ringing.

      I know next to nothing about tinnitus and hope to lead how you folks treat it or just plain cope with it.

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      not sure
      Welcome and sorry to hear your T going up to a new level. Perhaps sleep deprivation from insomnia may have caused a jump. Hope it is just a spike. White noise may not be good for masking high pitch T. My ultra high pitch dog whistle T cannot be masked by white noise, perhaps ok with other sounds such as blue noise, purple noise. cicadas, waterfalls, faucets etc. So make sure you have the right masking sounds. To get masking and to get some more info, read up this TT thread to get the masking sounds, as well as step by step instruction. It also has links to ATA & BTA where you can read a lot more info. Good luck and God bless.


      (the icons on the left side give you instructions step by step)
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      Hi Joshua,

      As for knowing little about Tinnitus. I got a lot out of reading the doctors corner on this site. Dr. Nagler's posts are very helpful and educational. That may provide you with some information on T in general. I too hope that this is just a spike for you and that it will settle down soon. I am in CBT to learn to cope with mine and am taking sleep aids. I also ordered a sound pillow to help me sleep.

      Wishing you the best.


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