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      Loud Noise Exposure

      I'm looking to introduce myself and also seek advice as my tinnitus is only 6 days old. I understand that in the early stages it's best to get "cracking" as therapies can have a "better" results. I'm a 41 year old musician living in St/Paul MN USA, who has been around loud noises all my life, with the music portion only being in the last four years at loud volume. Before being a musician I was around lawn mowers, weed-whips and motorcycles all my life (I understand hearing loss is cumulative).

      Last Friday night I was testing out an amp with my left ear toward the amp. The amp was probably too loud as it caused ear fatigue. The kicker was when someone turned on a set of main-speakers just as I was walking in front of them.....bam, it stung it was so loud. I then ceased all activity. I noticed no residual.....until Monday.

      Two days later (05/02/2016) I was climbing into bed and I noticed my ear (left) ringing. As I'm a musician, I immediately thought, "Oh, S**T, here it is, the big "T". I immediately searched the net for things to "do" and with this, found tinnitustalk.

      If note: Oddly, two weeks prior I've been having random fleeting dizzy spells and the occasional feeling of someone grabbing my head and lifting me and inch off the floor (could it have started earlier).

      1. Fullness/heat itching in left ear with cracking and drainage into throat/nose. 2. Soft hissing/white noise with a solid/distinct 4-5000 hz tone through the "center, out he back of the ear/head (tone comes and goes)." Both have fluctuated from a 6/10 t0 2/10, with at one point a 10 minute period of "freedom" (this morning). Oddly, last night it was real loud just before falling asleep but tapered to a 3/10.
      3. Today my right ear is now crackling and has more pressure than the left (no noise). The right ear "filled' up when lying on my right side last night. I'm fairly certain the right ear did not get fatigued from the aforementioned acoustic trauma...go figure. When I plug my nose and lightly blow and can feel and hear (fluid?) move. Is this the body's response the the left's trauma? Could I have an infection?

      Form what I've read thus far, I have/am: Here is where I looking for things to do/add (PUHLEASE)!

      1. On Thursday 05/05/16 I received prednisone 40mg/day for 5 days
      2. Going to the ENT on Monday
      3. Taking Mag., Niacin, B12, Zinc and an "ear health multi vitamin"
      4. Keeping things way quiet with wearing noise diffusing earplugs in the hour
      5. Listening to this
      One hour wind at 4000 Hz as sound therapy for...
      in 4-5000 hz to fall asleep
      6. Tried Melatonin, but it messes with my head.
      7. Looking into this: Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation: Do It Yourself Guide (assistance?)

      Million $ Question: If You could turn back time, what would you do in the early stage of this garbage?
      Also, any musicians.....should I cease music altogether?

      Also: I don't mean to offend anyone, but after my experience, I'm praying for you all.


    2. fishbone

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      loud noise and very bad sickness

      Hi there,

      go to the ent and see if you have an ear infection or if your ears are filled with fluid. I got my tinnitus from a loud rock concert as a teen and then it got worst with illness. I am not a musician, but many simply wear professional earplugs when they jam and play together.. I know tinnitus sucks, but don't dwell on it..life shall be ok...

      Let us know how your ent visit went :)
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      Guitars, loud girls and guns
      Could be fluid blocking the ear or noise trauma. Or a combination of both. You are doing the right things now. Try to eat, live and sleep well for the time being and do some sports to increase bloodflow. And no loud noise, band practise, headphones etc for some weeks or months.
      I would add some fish oil supplement (omega 3) and reduce your salt intake for a while.
    4. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      A warm welcome
      to Tinnitus talk @StubbyJ,
      Its really early days so dont panic as will make the sound worse.

      Hearing needs to be checked by ENT and ears checked for wax build up or infections and take it from their.
      Glad you were given prednisalone to help in the early days.

      Keep posting for support on the Main forum for support around the clock when needed....lots of love glynis
    5. AUTHOR

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      Loud Noise Exposure
      Thanks you guys for the info and welcome,I do appreciate it. I forgot mention I'm also taking Green Pasture butter oil/fermented cod liver oil blend.

      The noise is fluctuating in volume and "focus." However, honestly, I'm preparing to be stuck with this for a long while and praying for the best. I'm still praying for us all by the way.

      Today was the first day I could sleep without masking.

      Oh, by the way, Happy Mother's day to all it may apply.
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      Loud Noise Exposure
      Well, the visit to the ENT was useless beyond an audio test. My loss is in both ears at 6000Hz. I already knew I had hearing loss resulting form working in a FORD plant. I worked in the body shop where automated welding guns made continuous noise reflective of the mentioned 6000Hz, thus new, or further damage was not reported. Dr. said he recent noise exposure triggered the tinnitus. He looked in my ear, looked n my nose, looked in my throat and said, "everything looks fine and we should check your hearing in a year." He said the ringing will go away. Sadly, after asking questions pertaining to information/cases/lasers on this forum he said, "none of that stuff works and many of the people with major tinnitus problems usually have distinct underlying emotional issues." I took his statement as.....you may have long term tinnitus, but there's nothing I can do for you and I really don't want to talk about it but hanks for your $, bye. He seemed rushed in disinterested.

      So, here is what I have done:

      1. Purchased various form of hearing protection for daily use
      2. Purchasing different forms of Mag. and Iron
      3. Found a sound file at 6000Hz on youtube and will be using it to do this:
      Home Tinnitus Cure with Music Software Based...

      4. Eating right - about a year ago I started going all natural, so I'm going to try and refine it a bit according what I read further here.
      5. Pray

      Questions: I will be reading as well, just looking for Cliff Notes

      1. What are the latest and greatest thoughts on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
      2. What area the latest and greatest thoughts on Laser Therapy (best laser based on results not considering $)? Dr. Wilden Laser still kinda the bees Knees?


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