Hissing Sounds in My Ears

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jose0964, Oct 12, 2015.

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      I have had tinnitus for 2 months now and i just want to know what awaits me?! Will it get worst? Better?please help!

      I was trying to sleep one night and feelt very uncomfortable in bed ended up sleeping aroun 6am

      Next day i felt the same when i went to bed and a few minutes before falling asleep i started to hear a hissing sound in both my ears the next morning when i got up i did not have it but afew hous later it was back and after that is has been with me for 2 months i causes me anxiaty please help me out here i have talked afew times on the chat here but this is my first post
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      not sure
      Welcome. Do you know what caused your T? Anxiety is natural when T first hit. But it is bad for T. So try to control your anxiety. What awaits should be better over time. T is bad at the start, but most people slowly get better especially it they don't resist the reality of T in your life. Flowing is better than opposing. TT has this thread with masking tracks and also tips for T newbies. Hope you will improve and be well again.


      (the icons on the left side give you instructions step by step)
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      Thank you and i think my T was caused by some panic attack thatni had only a few moment before the T started i had like 3 attacks in one night but they where very smal

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