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      This Tinnitus is making my life terrible, I had it on and off for years but steady since Jan and extra loud since I gave up smoking..also I hear blood flowing in my ear when I try and sleep, just looking for some info on maybe silencing it..;)
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      Clonazepam may help you. The below is from the ATA's "Tinnitus Today" magazine:
      I've been taking it at bedtime for about a week and a half. This stuff helps. I take 1/2 of a 0.5mg pill. It's an anti-anxiety drug - a "benzo" (made from benzene) - which you should limit.

      You'll need to get this from a doctor. It's prescribed for anxiety, not tinnitus. So, you sound anxious to me, right? ;) I suggest that you ask your doctor for clonezapam for anxiety due to your tinnitus.

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