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      I have been suffering from tinnitus since November 2013. I had some anxiety and depression issues after leaving work. I was devastated by T. I thought my life as I knew it has ended. Went to the ENT and gave me the live with it routine. Then went to a neurologist , had an mri and an ecg which both turned out normal. So what to do now? He gave me cypralex and dianxit . Sure I was better off emotionally. I am happy to report that now my T has diminished significantly . I only hear some zzzzzzzz sound when I lay down. Is T gone? I dont know. Will it have another go in the future? I dont know. But all I am sure of is that there is hope. T CAN diminesh or go away. I wish all of you peave of mind and some good precious silence.
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      Aug 2013
      Are you still on the ciraplex?
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      Yes I am. But diminished the dose
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      not sure
      It is nice to hear a nice success story within a short time from the start. You are among the lucky ones whose tinnitus diminishes or fades over time, especially over a short time. Heaven forbids but if there are setbacks, make sure you don't panic over it. They will get less and less over time. Bless you. All the best.

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