How to Habituate to Tinnitus That Appears Only When I'm Lying Down?

Discussion in 'Support' started by wagen, Aug 16, 2021.

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      I have multiple tones and hissing that I hear during the day and I'm somehow able to cope with them.

      However, my sleep continues to be a disaster damaging my health.

      Besides the stress and anxiety, it is also due to the fact that there is one particular intermittent beeping that only appears when I lie horizontally. I tested it in a super calm room and it truly only appears once I lie down.

      How can I habituate to this if the only time when it appears is when I'm supposed to sleep?

      It keeps waking me up and I hardly ever sleep past 4 am.

      What are your thoughts? Is anyone in a similar situation?

      P. S.
      I tried the sound enrichment during the night and it unfortunately makes the hissing tinnitus worse and doesn't cover the beeping sound anyway.

      I'm 10 months into tinnitus and nowhere near habituation so that I can have some decent sleep.

      Your advice is very much appreciated, thank you!
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      It is not unusual for tinnitus to change when lying down. The stress and anxiety it's causing needs to be managed, so talk to your doctor who may prescribe something to help with this. Do not be too quick to dismiss medication, if stress is not managed it will make it more difficult for you to habituate.
      It takes time to get used to using sound enrichment at night, at least 6 to 8 weeks. Sound enrichment is not supposed cover up the tinnitus or any beeping sound you are hearing. It's purpose is to supply your brain with sound while you are asleep so it doesn't increase its background activity. If you sleep in silence you risk making the tinnitus louder. Set sound enrichment lower than the tinnitus.

      If possible try and see an Audiologist that specialises in tinnitus and hyperacusis treatment. Please read my post: How to Habituate to Tinnitus | Tinnitus Talk Support Forum

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      I get more tinnitus sounds too when I lie flat. 2 pillows helps a little...
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      The wind chimes in my left ear increase when I lie down. I've learned to focus more on my breathing, which distracts and somewhat masks the tinnitus. I still sometimes use masking (which I used every night in the first six months).
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      Do you know why? I just don't understand what increases the loudness so much - I barely hear it when vertical but when I lie down, within few minutes, it just skyrockets.

      What masking sound did you use?

      Thank you!

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