How to Protect Against Dentist Sounds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Suzerman, Sep 4, 2019.

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      I recently dealt with this after a long layoff. This was my experience:
      1. I bought my own ultrasonic cleaner on Amazon and got caught up on the worst teeth using short sessions at home with earplugs and phones.
      2. I asked the hygienist to only use manual tools and I held the suction tool away from my mouth myself and only used it a couple of times.
      3. For my fillings he used the laser, aluminum oxide abrasion and the low speed drill for everything except the final shaping at the very end.
      4. I wore foam earplugs and large ear defenders.
      5. No permanent increase in tinnitus or pain hyperacusis, just a spike for day or so.
      6. All in all, it went OK so I went back for the second round of two more cavities and will handle the remaining two exposed roots next month.
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      I did not notice a spike when I had a ton of dental work done in my 20s.
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      I would not use foam earplugs because of the occlusion effect. Open earplugs for me are the best balance between protection from the machinery around me, and the work being done inside my mouth.
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      What do you mean by open earplugs?
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      I've never protected when having dental work done in the past. I've had multiple fillings and drilling and I never noticed a spike or change in my old tinnitus level. In all honesty I never thought I'd had to protect as it never even crossed my mind that it may make my tinnitus worse. Ignorance was bliss. Now when I go the dentist, I worry!

      @CRGC, I think by open earplugs he means filtered earplugs, perhaps? The ones that let noise in but not fully, while also avoiding he horrible occlusion effect that the foam earplugs produce. Correct me if I am wrong @Mister Muso.
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