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Discussion in 'Support' started by KaraBoo, Nov 16, 2015.

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      Spinal palpation during physical therapy
      My tinnitus started a year ago this month. At the time I was going to a physical therapist for some shoulder pain. The therapist was pressing along the vertebrae in my neck and upper back to find where I had the most pain. Later that night started a very loud, high pitched ringing in my ears. It subsided somewhat over the following days, to where it was only noticeable when I was in a quiet room, but the next week she pressed along my vertebrae again and the ringing again became very loud. Since then I do have some days where it is quieter and bearable, but more often than not it is louder than everything around me.

      My physical therapist dismissed the idea that there was some relationship between what she did and the tinnitus. My doctor did as well. They both insist that there is no connection between my neck and my ears. I have gone to an ENT, have had a battery of bloodwork and MRIs. I have been to a neurologist because I also have constant headaches and migraines. I've gotten no answers. The combination of the constant headaches and tinnitus is making me crazy and it's debilitating.

      At this point is there any reason to continue to see doctors and have tests? It seems they've done all the peering inside of me they can do. Should I be seeing a doctor in a different specialty? Am I silly to believe that what the therapist did with my neck started my tinnitus? Do you have any advice on possible relief techniques I can try? And, if not, how to cope with it on a daily basis?

      I really appreciate any help or advice you can give me.
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      The night before my T started i had a very painful massage from an over zealous masseur.... did that cause the T? Or was it the flu? Or the stress....i dunno.

      I too had lots of bad Headaches. They are getting less now. I believe the stress from having T can cause the headaches. If u are less stressed by it, the headaches become less. I still have headaches just less. I hate it when it happens.
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      Head Injury
      @KaraBoo The flowchart below contains the most extensive list of diagnostic assessments available. The flowchart and associated material was produced by TRI (see attachment). It is potentially highly useful.


      In addition, the American Academy of Otolaryngology has produced the first set of clinical guidelines - essentially a patient's rights for examination and treatment in relation to tinnitus. Use it. Bring it along for your next meeting with a physician.

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      mid seventies
      Do the Back To Silence method and see a good chiropractor.
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      Noise exposure
      Do you recall if you were exposed to high noise around or before that first visit? Either way, neck problems and injuries can cause tinnitus. Too many doctors don't want to deal with it or waist their time understanding it. I can't give much advice as I feel that I am still in an acute state myself, and it has not stabilized yet. Best of luck.

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