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Discussion in 'Support' started by Musemist, Mar 15, 2016.

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      Stupid brain. I don't want to hear this stupid sound. it's difficult to explain the sound but i think it is in the range of 12khz or something.

      But there is another sound like a schreeching wheel or something, but that sound I hear only when im tired. strange. But the 12khz-15hz sound is there all the time. The doctors don't know why I hear these sounds.

      I had normal audiogram up to 8ooo hz but maybe hearing loss outside this region. i dont know I have not tested outside this region. I hate myself for playing loud music through headphones for years. i hate myself for beeing in loud discos throughout europe from 2011 to 2015 without any protection. I should have known better.

      But actually I didn't even know what tinnitus was. My doctor just told me to deal with these sounds and that they will never go away. When he said that it was like it was getting worse. I feel so depressed now. i used to take silence for granted but now the sound is there all the time. alcohol does not help. strangely alcohol does help a bit for physical pain but not these stupid sounds even though both pain and these sounds have something to do with the brain. strange.

      in periods all i can think of is this stupid sound. but I will not kill myself or anything. If i do that tinnitus will win. I will find some way through this but this is the toughest battle of my life.

      How do you people cope with this? I listen to music now and then because I try to distract my brain from these strange sounds.


      The worst part of it is the thoughts of it never going away.
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      not sure
      The best way to answer your question above quoted is to read up as many success stories as you can to learn the insights of the members who wrote those stories. There are many approaches that seem to work for different people. There are many roads to Rome. After you read enough stories, you can pick those who fit your type of T and whose methods you can emulate. Try to copy or emulate success. That is the fastest way to success. I have ultra high pitched dog whistle T and severe hyperacusis a few years back, and like you, I was very anxious that I could not handle them for the rest of my life. But over time after learning some successful strategies from others and also using some of my own, I have managed to turn my suffering around and wrote my success stories. I mentioned those strategies and helpful points that have helped me. If you like to read about them, here is the link to my story. I also list the link to the most read success story just to show you another simple but effective method. Take good care & God bless.


      The most read success story ‘Back to Silence’ with a simple effective strategy by IWLM:
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      mid seventies
      You said, "I hate this."
      You've got one foot in the door towards habituation!!! Stating your emotion is the first step back to silence.
      Please check out BACK TO SILENCE.
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      Not sure, but kind of don't care anymore :)
      I think you'll be fine. I've had this for 2 months with crazy anxiety attacks and stuff. I literally just sat here in my office with the door closed and the tinnitus faded away for like 30 minutes. I mean, it was still there but sort of got out of my consciousness. Yea, I hate it too; the way tinnitus works is f**king stupid.
      I might not stick around this forum too long tho, I seem to get frustrated reading the same things over and over again with no real cures or treatments really coming up. I know of 8 real life people who have tinnitus that hear it virtually everywhere but it doesn't bother them one bit because they just ignore it. I know I hated hearing people tell me that but hey what else can we really do?

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