I Left the Earplugs at Home...

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Angi, Aug 15, 2016.

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    1. Angi

      Angi Member

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      2000 (2016)
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      Noise exposure
      I have had T many many years, but it was very low in volume but in December last year I made a huge mistake and left my earplugs at home when I went to the bar that had a live band playing, I was there for about 20 minutes when I felt that I had to leave, and I noticed thst my T was worse, 2 weeks later the volume went down, what a relief! Only thing was that I gained one more frequency in my right ear.
      Two weeks after that I went to a party (since it was NYE), I had my earplugs on, but felt after about an hour that it was time to leave. Nothing happened.
      Then a month after that I went to another party, and I suppose I were there for about 30 minutes too long, and my T became so bad that I today 7 months later can't listen to music, and need to avoid alot of things in my life.

      On a scale 1-10 my T was a 1 before now it's an 8.

      Every time I try to listen to music, even in low volume, my T goes crazy and I start to feel pain.
      I have been collecting new frequencies these past months, I had maybe 3-4 at first, now, around 7.
      They say that it's a good idea to listen to music in low volume for about 15 minutes a day to get the ears used to noise again, but every time I do this my T gets worse
      I don't know how to approach this.
      Maybe it's only in my head? Certainly partially.
      Because everything else is fine to listen to, movies (low volume), cars on the road, being on a train that's loud.

      Anyone who got a similar experience?
    2. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      I'd say protect your your ears real well for the next 6 months - trains, cars, public places, restaurants etc.. It's not in your head you cleary have noise damage don't shove more noise down the canal
    3. Hunszi

      Hunszi Member

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      Around 2007, I don`t really know, got worse in April 2015 after a party.
      Hi Angi,

      Yeah same here...low T for years, after a party my volume increased drastically + a few weeks after I`ve developed hypercausis and constant ear pain. Pretty cursed situation.
    4. bill 112

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      Republic Of Ireland
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      Noise exposure
      Been there too,started off with 1/10 T and a year or so later I went to a club with earplugs and I made it worse!New T sound that listed about 2-3 months before going and I eventually returned to 1/10 T like before.

      Needless to say I was much more careful but I had lost my faith in earplugs as a result.I went to a few parties in the years following but always limiting my time there and staying away from the music.I also indulged in my hobby which was modified cars and never had a problem during that time.And then over two years later I went to my friends 21st and got stuck inside with the music as surprise surprise there was a stripper and the doors had to be locked!The following week it was my best friends 21st and of course I had to show my face but needless to say I had a really bad spike the following day.A few days after that I was exposed to the high pitched sound I often talk about here which resulted in Hyperacusis and loud T.

      Fast forward two years and my T was 2/10 and my H was 80% better,I just protected my ears when necessary and led something of a happy life.I got a girlfriend something I hadn't had since all this began and things were looking good for me.I don't know what happened exactly but a few sound insults coupled with stress and maybe not resting my ears enough resulted in severe H and louder T,it happened almost overnight.For the two years prior I took things easy but maybe between getting a girlfriend and my father passing leaving me to look after my mother was too much and I done myself in.Its an unimaginable bitter pill to swallow but swallow it we must.
    5. Hunszi

      Hunszi Member

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      Around 2007, I don`t really know, got worse in April 2015 after a party.
      Yeah...earplugs are good protection when you have nothing wrong with your ears, but If there is any "damage" like T, you are takeing risk even with earplugs (of course you minimize it). I`ve developed hypercausis after a party with industry 33db foam earplugs, I wore them all nigh long, never take off for a second...but even with such protection my ears suffered damage what I couldn`t understand why it happened even with earplugs, so I`ve banned parties and concerts for life.

      I don`t know who was the maniac who first let such a high volumes in parties and concerts.

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