I Started Suffering from Tinnitus 6 Weeks Ago

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by aaa, Feb 27, 2017.

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      I started suffering from tinnitus 6 weeks ago and went to an ENT specialist and he said I had otosclerosis
      he suggested to have hearing aid or stapedectomy
      as a matter of fact I didn't care about reduction of my hearing but I was bothered by the whistling tinnitus in my ear

      so I decided to have second opinion and went to a highly reputable center and met a professor in that business
      he said the same thing

      I had my stapedectomy 11 days ago, I am pain free but this tinnitus is unbearable
      so I decided to take amitriptyline and it worked like magic
      no tinnitus, problem it make you drowsy plus few other side effect
      so I hope with time it will get better
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    2. GregCA

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      Do you have cochlear otosclerosis too? (i.e. did you have mixed losses prior to your stapedotomy? - I suspect you haven't done any hearing test yet after surgery - it's too early)
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Regarding amitriptyline, and according to @glynis who has used this product before, there is another alternative which has less side efffect and also great for tinnitus. I will let glynis explain to you her experience with Nortriptyline. You have found the right person to ask about this product which has done wonder for her T and other problems. Take care. God bless.
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      Meniere's Disease
      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk aaa.
      My son had the same operation and doing well.
      Amitryptaline can help tinnitus for some people and the side effects will get better after about 1-2weeks.
      Nortryptaline is the cousin to Amitryptaline with less side effects and more tollerated and works the same helping tinnitus,sleep,anxiety and pain and at a therapeutic dose helps depression 75mg upwards.

      Nortriptaline stopped my deep drone sound and head tinnitus and took the edge off my high pitch tinnitus and really helpped how I was feeling at the time and sleeping great on it at 50mg.

      You will notice when you have your packing out of your ear your tinnitus will ease as will pick up external sounds to help mask it .
      Try nice smelly things and lavender to help your sense of smell distract you from your sound a little.
      When my son had his op his hearing test went up and copes well with out a hearing aid at 40db and has no tinnitus.
      ...... lots of love glynis
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    5. AUTHOR

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      Thank you Glynis

      much appreciate your response

      I had hearing test prior to the procedure and to my knowledge they said I have conductive
      deafness on my right ear and normal left ear hearing test

      I hear quite Ok now , and the surgeon said that it should get better after he removed the packing
      he drained some blood and I was given some antibiotic drops which I am using
      but this tinnitus( whistling) is on and off , sometimes like jet engine noise

      I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon in 4 weeks see what he says
      I am using small amount of the Amitryptiline as it works except dry mouth and feeling groggy

      I really think that this tryptiline is a saver
      I was also advised to take Florical also one tablet daily ,which I am taking

      I sure hope that this noise go away

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