I Think I Have Mild Hyperacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ring Ding, Jun 8, 2016.

    1. Ring Ding

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      Went to a concert about 4 weeks ago and have been going through a bad time since then.

      Tinnitus that I have had for over 30 years has become louder and even more high pitched.
      I have a feeling of blocked hearing and fullness in the ears and now it has developed into
      a sensitivity to certain sounds as well. The worst to me is things made out of metal. It creates a pain in the ear and a feeling like I have a q tip stuck inside it. My ears still feel sore all the time and they feel like something is stuffed inside them which is the absolute worst feeling. It's made worse by the fact that one ear feels more full than the other and I can't hear out of that one as well too.

      Now all sounds don't bother me. I can hold conversations with people and most other things don't seem so bad but anything associated with metal banging or sqeuaking can cause discomfort or pain. I can listen to music at low to medium volumes, even though it doesn't sound that good due to the blocked muffled feeling. It drives me crazy in my car because I hear better out of the right ear at the moment. Even my kids screaming or me yelling at them is not too bad either. The noise of dishes is kinda bad but not as bad as the metal.

      My tinnitus which I have had since childhood has become louder and is on the verge of being unbearable.
      It's almost like I can feel vibrations from the ringing sometimes it gets louder and quiets down sometimes.
      All my life it always stayed the same frequency and never ever changed in any way and now I notice if I drink alcohol it gets much worse which is also a new thing. So I guess now I have spikes.

      Is it odd to have everything sound like it's louder but at the same time still feel like you can't hear things so well ?

      Anyone on this board ever recover from a mild case of H ?

      Will the fullness feeling eventually go away ?

      if I recover from the H any chance at all the T will go back to a more tolerable level ? I am noticing it less as days go by as I guess my brain is already partly trained to ignore it but when I hear it it's more distressing. It's also harder to ignore because I can feel my ears all the time so my mind is constantly on them.

      This really sucks and I feel bad for everyone who has to visit these forums for any reason. If you have any suggestions or advice or thoughts I would love to hear it.

      Thank you for your time =)
    2. whale
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      Myofascial crap Bruxism, a jackhammer, stress who knows
      Yes alcohol always makes H worse. Anxiety can kick H and T into overdrive. Talk a psychiatrist about some type of benzodiazepines. Take a vacation and get you mind somewhere else. its should simmer down.
    3. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      Was the concert a Metal band ? Maybe that explains the sensitivity to metal sounds ;)

      Seriously - the best shot at improving this is to wear ear protection for the next 6 months that will give ears a good chance to heal
      That's not a mental issue I would not waste time wiht psychiatrist or take Psychotic drugs either
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    4. Ring Ding

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      Actually it was a Buckethead concert so it was sort of a metal show.=)

      yeah i would never resort to any Psychotic drugs unless it was an emergency. I feel like things are healing very very very slowly.
      I'm just kind of bummed about the tinnitus being louder all the time. That being said I was habituated to my old T and never really noticed it anymore accept if it is quiet getting into bed. Already I am noticing that at times my brain is shutting off the T when my mind wanders. I hope the t goes back down a little bit. if it does i'll be happy to go on with life.
      I don't really like this fullness feeling in the ears either though. it's quite awful.
    5. Hottopic29

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      So I always had pulstile tinnituis in left ear but now right hesr got a small ring its driving me crazy cause it was mt ear I could always say atleast its ok still so now im lost for hope.. It was cause by the blast in car few weeks ago or under alot of stress these last few weeks .. and I been obsessed over it I hear everything now the fridge has a small ring and or im outside I hear a ring from air conitonire I keep checking my ears and its not from there or a certain sound casuses ringing till I cover them.. im freaking out.. I almost took cipralex hoping it cure me but worried that make everything worse is this Hyperacusis I also feel like my ears are a bit staticy or muffled not much just little nump kinda feeling or they feel like water is leaking a bit but nothing im going bat shit crazy .. I hope what ever I am experiencin is temporary
    6. Ring Ding

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      Are the sounds causing pain ? When certain sounds hit me it hurts and my ears feel like they get fuller than they already are and sometimes the T increases too. it sucks so hard. Been to five doctors and nobody sees a damn thing wrong. I don't understand it ! I feel all sorts of weird stuff going on in there. There is also a tightness in both ears like something is being pulled or stretched constantly. I just hate this feeling of fullness the most.

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