Increased Sensitivity at the begining of Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by bwspot, Jul 9, 2014.

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      I wonder if everyone who notices tinnitus for the first time starts to be sensitive to sounds?
      For me it all started three weeks ago (6/13) and since then I started to become sensitive to sounds like running water, sounds of the keyboard I type on, squeezing brakes. All seems to be loud and very detailed.
      Is this typical side effect of tinnitus? I don't feel like I lost any hearing, it feels like I gained some with the addition of ringing. Is this typical? Today I started to listen to music through the headsets and I noticed that 1/3, max 1/2 of the volume is just enough to hear all the details. Could it be because I was not listening for some time and my body is new to higher volume sounds and low volume is just enough?
    2. My father in law experienced increased sensitivity before his T onset. It has for the most part gone away. He has had T for 2 years now and is pretty much habituated.
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      I think this is normal. You are so sensitive regarding ears in the beginning - and probably not only in the beginning. At least it was for me.
      40% of people with T also have Hyperacusis in the beginning. I had not.
      So recommendation is NOT to use ear plugs all the time, but try to listen to normal sounds.
      H goes down for most after some weeks. But maybe the H sufferers can say more.
      I can confirm that I am also more sensitive to high-pitched sounds like my T frequency.
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      not sure
      Perhaps there is some trace of mild hyperacusis in your case, bwspot, but not serious enough to cause hurtful sensation. My H used to turn all sounds glassy and piercing.
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      Oh yeah, when I first got the T, I could not even handle sounds. And it felt like I could hear every single sound that I never paid attention to before in great detail. Now, I'm starting to work everyday noises back into my life and so far so good... Just wearing earplugs in loud coffee shops and noisy restaurants. I wish I could wear em in the car though, cause car driving noise is so loud! But then I'd risk not being able to hear police and fire engine sirens...
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      I am at the point when weird stuff happens. Sensitivity changes. Since yesterday I am noticing my T going on and off. Mostly it is on, but sometimes I notice that moving my head and stretching my neck make the T lighter. Sometimes I believe this is temporary. At least I can fall in sleep. Yesterday before i felt in sleep it went away for few minutes. The idea of it being not there was kind of scary happy so my body brain brought it back. I definitely need a time machine.

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