Kinda Bummed.

Discussion in 'Support' started by derpytia, May 24, 2015.

    1. derpytia

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      Hearing loss / ETD
      This might sound incredibly childish and stupid to a lot of people on here.

      One of my friends invited me to go to Disneyland (we live about an hour away) with her and I had to decline. I went to Disneyland about a week or two before I got T and I'm way too afraid that if I go, even with earplugs, that I'll damage my hearing further with all the loud music that plays and the thousands of people talking and making noise as they go by and the loudness of the rides. I'm bummed because I've only ever been there twice in my life and I may never ever get to go again. In fact, I may never get to go to another amusement park again. Or ride on rides again. That's sad.

      Like I said, childish but still sad. It's been a year since T and I'm still overly cautious and scared of things normal people wouldn't even stop to consider.

      (Preparing myself for the "you have better things to think about" and the "disneyland is an expensive waste of time" responses now :( ...)
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    2. SoulStation
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      Go wear earplugs and earmuffs and turn them into mouse ears.
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    3. Chelles

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      Hi @derpytia sorry to hear that you couldn't go to Disneyland (no judgement here I don't think it's childish). Not saying that everyone is the same but last summer I went to Disney world and it didn't affect my tinnitus at all. Maybe you should get a good pair of earplugs and give it a try?
    4. Geo

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      I went to scary universal 2 years ago and that shit was loud.. It was when my t was moderate i had earplugs on half of the time came out fine.. Do u have spiking problems or do ur ears hurt or sensitive? If not u should be good with some plugs on...
    5. linearb

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      If you're just dealing with t and not h, and you take earplugs, that's probably fine? I have a hard time believing that Disney land exceeds 110 db...
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    6. Quentino

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      Decrease of Hearing i presume.
      Good earplugs, those with filter the sounds well, not the cheap ones.

      If you keep declining social ( and FUN!) activities because of your fear, you'll become a little bit paranoïac and antisocial, and believe me, it's WORST than T...

      Spend 200 dollars in professionnal earplugs that will be good protections for sure, i don't know,
      but if you avoid the joys of life because of T, you will not recover.
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    7. valeri

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      You're not childish at all.
      We all have our own way of coping with this condition, and all I have to say is: whatever floats your boat for the time being!
      I miss a lot of things I used to do before, now I simply just wouldn't dare, all from fear of making t worse.
      Fingers crossed we won't need to live like this for much longer.
      Be patient and don't beat yourself.
      For many people t is a life changer:(
    8. dan

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      I never went to Disneyland and I have to accept I never will now, but the zoological park is much better and more educational. Life is all about knowing how to compromise.
    9. Danny Boy

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      Ear infection
      Neither have I. Don't think I ever will either.
    10. Beowulf Agat

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      Wear earplugs and be careful. Life is too short to let tinntus dictate the terms. Having a good time has always had a positive effect on my reaction to T.

      All the best!
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    11. LillianLexicon97

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      It's not childish at all. I've personally decided to never go to amusement parks or anything of the sort again, too. :huganimation:

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