Kineseology with Some Success

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by boshack, Dec 6, 2012.

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      Hi All
      18 months almost since my original treatment with a immediate 50% success rate.
      I continue to have kinesiology treatment about every 4 months and interestingly
      i had forgot about the forum because the ringing wasnt as much to remind me.

      So as a percentage benchmark i believe it has improved overall by between 65 and 75%.
      However when i get the ringing it is full on with the maximum noise just as bad as originally
      but no where near as often.
      Being always a bit doubtful of these things i am wondering as i get older and going deaf if that is
      making the ringing not as obvious.
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      Hi @boshack ;

      That's great to hear kineseology is working for you. Can you elaborate on what this involves?

      As for the impact of losing your hearing, I suspect that deafness would exacerbate and/or make your tinnitus more noticeable.

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