Left Ear Ringing in the Morning

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by alex_easter, Nov 15, 2016.

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      Hi Everyone,

      A few weeks ago I began to get this whooshing sound when ever I brushed my ear or if there was a loud sound from my headset it would echo with a whoosh. It is reactive to that and then stops immediately.

      My ear felt a bit full and hearing muffled so I went and got a wax remover kit.

      After using it on both ears the one that was whooshing then also began to ring. It drove me crazy over the weekend as I couldn't sleep and was constantly checking it which was the wrong thing to do.

      After a week the ringing had stopped in the day. When I go to bed it actually sounds silent with maybe a tiny little sound. However when I wake up the ringing is back until I get up and get going when it fades again.

      I'm just wondering if anyone would know what this could be? I find the whooshing response to brushing my ear really strange and think that is linked to the ringing. Doctor said he thought it was ETD even though I haven't had a cold and I can pop my ears. Anyone with similar experience?

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      Hi @alex_easter Your doctor could be right that it is ETD. However, I believe the clue is in your post and it's Headset. In my opinion, these things are dangerous. I advise you to stop using it and any other form of headphones as you are likely to develop full blown tinnitus and believe me you don't want it. Act now and save yourself a lot of misery and get rid of them. Seriously, just don't use them any more even at low volume. Hopefully the tinnitus will calm down. If I am right, this is just a warning. Try not to sleep in a quiet room and use some sound enrichment. Click on the link below, more is explained about tinnitus and the use of sound enrichment.

      Best of luck
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