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      As regards to TENT-2A results, Dr. Conlon just mentioned 'very soon'. They have been 'signed off on'.

      I asked him if the TENT-3A study was for FDA approval.

      I got no response.
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      Just a few extra tidbits from my 30 minutes with Dr. Brendan Conlon of Lenire.

      He was not aware of Potassium Channel modulators but when I pushed him harder, he recalled attending a conference that Prof. Thanos spoke at. He feels a cure for tinnitus will be pharmacological. He would not prescribe XEN1101 without a tinnitus study. He had never heard of Retigabine.

      He was not aware at all of the South Korean study.

      He was not aware to my best knowledge of Otonomy's work.

      When he said about possibly trying Lenire, I said I was waiting on TENT-2A and also the outcome of the Michigan device. I asked him was he aware of this, yes he was familiar with Dr. Shore but not familiar with the device. I also mentioned that user reviews on Tinnitus Talk were not great at present and we were eagerly awaiting TENT-2A results.

      Also, notably I mentioned I had volatile tinnitus and that Lenire was better with tonal tinnitus. He said that in the data, it worked just as well for both tonal and non tonal tinnitus.

      I also asked him about Hubert Lim and his success at 'curing' tinnitus with specially timed signals whilst hooked up to an EEG at University of Minnesota. I asked would Neuromod not consider launching a premium service where customers could pay to have this individualised treatment. He brushed off the suggestion.

      He was eagerly awaiting the end of our appointment as to be honest there was nothing he could offer me (I have the two most common tinnitus triggers, hearing loss in high frequency and a history of severe stress).

      He acknowledged his connection with Prof. De Ridder but was totally against implantables.

      He eagerly awaited the next patient as he could probably help them, but also he felt uncomfortable as I was a 'keyboard warrior' who probably has done more generalised tinnitus research in the last two years by multiples.

      I thanked him sincerely for trying to treat tinnitus. His focus is on being a performing ENT. His research into tinnitus is now done and Lenire is something of an aside now. I feel Hubert Lim is the technology officer there now.

      A nice man, but he was glad to see the back of me. Medical professionals understandably don't like patients who are 'know it alls' like me :)

      Can't blame them.
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