Living by the Beach Makes Tinnitus Worse?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rina, Mar 20, 2015.

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      I moved from New Jersey to Pensacola almost a year ago. I experienced fleeting tinnitus in nj when I was pregnant only... Since moving over here I had several issues with my ears including itching pressure and fullness feeling but never tinnitus. This February before I got it 3 days befor I went to the beach it was still cold and very windy... My ears hurt a little bit while out but then I got the numbness in my face the day after and the pressure in my brain.. I am wondering if the barometric pressure has anything to do making tinnitus worse and having T developed . Anyone?
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      not sure
      All this could be just incidental. Of all the years I have read postings on T support forum, I have rarely heard there is a connection between living near to a beach and T. If anything, it should help because the beach should help people relax and unwind the stress. The crashing waves should also help mask T. So these should help with T. I have been to Hawaii a few trips since my T 6 years ago. We stayed near the beach and I was having morning and evening jogs on that secluded beach, and I tell you every time there T was faded out from consciousness most days. The beach is like a magic turn-off button on my T. Looking forward to my retirement... LOL.

      Saying that, there may be an issue with walking a cold beach in winter up north though, possibly because of the coldness which may and tense up muscle in the head & face, and constrict blood flow. Vascular circulation issue has been known to affect T. So there may be some connection in that sense.
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