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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Neenie, Dec 19, 2014.

    1. Neenie

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      Dear tinnitus members,
      Many of you dont know me, but I am the same as you. Just a regular person with tinnitus. When it first began I felt the same as you. Extreme distress, heightened emotions, despair, fear, anger, and many other negative emotions. I, like you, tried for months to find the cause of my tinnitus. I researched for months and months and in the end, I felt even more despair and disappointment. I started my Masters in Audiology that's how obsessed I was. Going back to study was the best thing I could have done for my tinnitus. Having something in my life that meant MORE to me than the ringing in my ear helped me reach the place I am today. Where am I you ask? I'm still Nina. I've still got tinnitus. Yes, it's still annoying, of course it is. But you know what? Tinnitus doesnt DEFINE me. I am no longer tinnitus with a bit of Nina, I am Nina with a bit of tinnitus. If there is one bit of advice I can give you it is to do or find other things in your life that require concentration and dedication that is NOT related to tinnitus. Do not complain about your tinnitus. No your tinnitus is not worse than everybody elses. No your tinnitus isnt louder than everybody elses and no, when people give you advice do not tell them that they do not understand or that they do not know what its like to have a constant ringing in their ear. You simply HAVE TO reach a finishing point. Fine, complain about your tinnitus initially, its distressing, its fine to complain, but after a few months. STOP IT! There's no need to repeat your despair over and over again. Of course if you keep complaining, hypothesising and obsessing the tinnitus will remain at the forefront of your mind. Fill your life with other things and tinnitus will lose much of it's power. USE SOUND ENRICHMENT! There is absolutely no reason for you to be trying to sit in silence. For what? To punish yourself? What for? So what if you need to have continual sound around you. Don't freak out spikes in your tinnitus. Freaking out CAUSES the spike to continue. Its normal for tinnitus to go up and down. It normal for it to be constant. Salt, sugar, caffeine, etc. Fine in moderation. Everything in moderation is good for you. Get out there and exercise. Exercise until it hurts so bad that you think you cant go on, and then go double as far. Push yourself. No one else will push you, that is your responsibility. How you deal with this is up to YOU. Only you have that power and only YOU can change that. And you can. OK, enough power talk. Sorry about the lack of paragraphing! Haha
      Merry Xmas people!
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    2. LeQuack

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      Bad luck and bad genes
      Welcome back Neenie, thanks for your optimism. How is your study going?
    3. Sound Wave

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      Probably headphones
      Great stuff Neenie! Could not agree with you more! Merry Xmas to you too!
    4. Amelia

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      @Neenie - so glad to hear from you! And so glad you seem to be doing so well.

      I love you line about being Nina with a little bit of T, rather than T with a little but of nina. I can so relate xxx
    5. Stacey427

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      August 2014
      Thank you Nina, merry Christmas
    6. OnceUponaTime

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      Merry Christmas to you too!
    7. Lisa88

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      Thanks for checking in @Neenie
      So glad you are doing OK, and stuck with the audiology track.
      Just wondering if your t is faded in general, or is it the same volume when you search for it?
      Lots of different experiences of habituation.
    8. Cher69

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      Hi guys well how quick did 2014 roll on by ! Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas x Cher x
    9. AUTHOR

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      Hi, No no no, it hasn't faded at all. The tinnitus is just as loud and annoying as before. But meh, cant change that so why worry about it?
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    10. billie48

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      not sure
      Awesomely positive update, Neenie. Many regular members here probably still remember Neenie's initial posts with extreme distress over her T. It is amazing that over time and with a change of attitude of acceptance plus finding a new direction in life, how we can cope with T so much better. Pursuing one's goals, dreams, or interesting hobbies in life can do wonder to distract from paying attention to T and in so doing can help put T in the right perspective in our life. Yes, I agree I really like the way she puts it - now it is Neenie with a little bit of T. Thanks for coming back to share with your positive update.
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    11. astronomer

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      april 12/2012
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      noise induced ( factory/rock band )
      hi neenie,
      well said,there is nothing more to add,as a part time musician i went from rock bands to acoustic guitar with a conga player ( folk rock ) it did not stop me, i just adjusted to it in a positive way,a new type of music,yeah baby !
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    12. jessicabee

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      What a fantastic post, new to this site and this was the uplift I needed today. Thanks very much :)
    13. Teresa1958

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      Neenie, I really enjoyed your post and started thinking how I wish I could grasp a positive attitude. I am struggling with T since June and have tried just about everything there is and nothing seems to help. Masking noise, relaxation exercises, walking, etc and not getting any relief from this extremely high pitched hissing sound. Not sure how much longer I can live with this condition. Its unbelievable suffering and no one can understand it unless they have experienced it. My husband was so frustrated when the car was making a small buzzing noise on our trip and I said I go through this day and night. Now he gets it!.

      Wishing you success in your studies and hope that one day you can be the person that finds a cure for us.

      Merry Christmas and all the best in 2015.
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    14. flkb

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      Great post. I had to read it a few times and let it sink in. I've let T define my life the past few years and it is time I define my T instead. It's been difficult but I think I'll try and get out today. Thank you!
    15. John Mason

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      I'm a newby to both T & the site - I'm copying your post to read when its rubbish, but thanks its genuinely inspirational.

      and I hope you never hear from me again (in the nicest possible way)
    16. Tami

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      Thank you for your great advice. good for you that you can get out there and not let it run your life. I'm a housewife now, retired and trying to deal with this. I have good days and bad but then again.......don't we all? Happy New Year!!
    17. Joe P. Tamborra

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      April 2012
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      Acoustic neuroma tumor
      I love your positive attitude. Good for you Neenie.

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