Mild Tinnitus for Eight Years, Worsened by Going to a Club without Earplugs

Discussion in 'Support' started by TJ670, Apr 13, 2024.

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      I'm feeling disheartened that this might be my new normal. I had mild tinnitus for eight years, and then I foolishly went to a club without earplugs ten weeks ago. The club was extremely loud, and I was intoxicated and danced to the loud music for almost 4 hours. I know it was a dumb decision.

      The spike in my tinnitus hasn't subsided after ten weeks. Is this going to be my new normal?

      Has anyone experienced a noise-induced spike that lasted longer than 2-3 months? Do the hair cells heal, or is it a lost cause?

      I really hope that one mistake doesn't ruin my life...
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      Concert/Acoustic Trauma
      Time, patience, and protection are your best bets. I would avoid any very loud environment going forward. Hopefully, your tinnitus will improve over time or a treatment will become available.

      I got mine from a concert, and it has slowly gotten better over the last seven months, but it's a roller coaster. Some days are really good, and some days drive me nuts.
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    3. Michael Leigh

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      Noise induced
      I am sorry to know of the difficulties that you are going through with tinnitus at the moment @TJ670. I agree with the advice @Muggumbo has given you. Since the increase in your tinnitus has lasted for ten weeks, it might be a good idea to see an ENT doctor to make sure your auditory system is functioning correctly. I also advise that you see an audiologist who specializes in tinnitus and hyperacusis management. Please click the link below and read my thread: Can I Habituate to Variable Tinnitus?

      Please be careful of loud noises at concerts and clubs in the future and loud noises in general. Don't put total trust in noise-reducing earplugs. If the external sound is loud enough, it can pass through your head and transfer to your inner ear by bone conduction. When this happens, it's possible the tinnitus can spike or increase for a longer period of time before settling down again.

      If you sleep in a quiet room, I advise you to start using a sound machine to provide low-level sound enrichment to your ears and auditory system. Make sure the natural sounds are below the level of your tinnitus and not masking or causing any irritation. It takes time to get used to using sound enrichment at night, so be patient. Sound enrichment is not noise.

      When sound enrichment is used correctly, it helps to desensitize an oversensitive auditory system. Most audiologists and hearing therapists recommend that tinnitus patients use sound enrichment at night instead of sleeping in a quiet room. If the brain hears silence at night, it can increase its internal background activity. In the process, it will increase the tinnitus, which will often make it louder and more intrusive during waking hours.

      All the best,

      Can I Habituate to Variable Tinnitus? | Tinnitus Talk Support Forum
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      A loud Concert - Noise Exposure
      Sometimes, we get caught up in the moment of fun and enjoying ourselves. But it can be a grave mistake. Ten weeks is a LONG spike; in my opinion, it could be an increase. But when I first got tinnitus, it was very loud, and now it is “mild” the majority of the time. You can look forward to that. It’s all about the brain blocking it out. But you MUST be careful with hearing.
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      Acoustic trauma
      @TJ670, I am in a similar position to you; I had tinnitus for 12 years, recently made a stupid decision to go dancing to release high-stress levels in my life, and woke up to a significant increase in tinnitus and some hearing loss.

      I'm slowly getting used to the new tinnitus, but the hearing loss is hard to accept, as an avid music fan.

      How are you feeling now? The last time I had a bad acoustic trauma was about four years ago. It took five months to habituate fully, and life felt good again, so it can take some time to get used to it.
    6. Bobby B

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      Large caliber rifles&machine guns, +30 years of loud clubs
      I'd say it depends on age. If you are young, it will get better.

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