My Bluetooth Hearing Aids Hooked Up to a Sound Generator Helps More than the Built-In Masker

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Sep 19, 2020.

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      I had been using the built in white noise maskers but the problem with them was that it couldn't mask my left ear that well for two reasons. One reason is because there is a whistle sound that the maskers can't mask and also that the masking is interrupting because of my clicking sounds. This app on my iPhone which I purchased just for Bluetooth connectivity to my hearing aids is able to mask much better. When using the rain sounds, I'm not noticing much of the interruptions so that is a huge benefit. It doesn't mask the new sound I got this morning, so I really hope that goes away. At any rate, it's helping better than my built in maskers.

      The reason I hadn't been using it is because, I had been habituating to the tinnitus more but I was having other problems like restlessness, blood pressure fluctuations, and did not feel calm. I started taking a medication and a supplement recently and I started feeling a lot calmer but it dehabituated me to my built in maskers. I think part of what dehabituated me is several things, one is that I found out that one of the supplements I was taking for nausea and bloating, lowers DHT which is a type of testosterone. I think my testosterone is already low and lowering it further seems to cause more depression for me. I wonder if I got my testosterone levels up, I would habituate to the tinnitus itself. Low testosterone can cause depression and anxiety in men and I read where if men aren't waking up with erections regularly, it could be a sign. I remember one time I was taking a supplement and I was on a roll, and it was much easier to tune the tinnitus out when I thought about it. Unfortunately, I had to stop because of bad side effects. Anyways, I also, I had more stress lately which dehabituated me.

      If you guys are suffering, it's worth looking into. The brand I have is the Signia 7nx hearing aids and the app is MyNoise on Apple.

      Do any of you all do this and have any recommended hearing aids?

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