My Tinnitus Is OK Now After Dexamethasone

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Renka, Oct 8, 2018.

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      Wim Hof Breathing Exercises
      Hyperacusis is basically sensitivity to sound. Thank you for clarifying.

      What dosage of Dexamethasone did you use?
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      @Renka, thank you for your previous responses. May I ask a few more questions:
      • How did you approach your doctor that did the wick for you: did you just go to a normal clinic visit and asked one of the younger doctors which then called this expert in the field. Or did you write directly an email to him or called him. What did you write to him? I am worried that most ENTs will think you are crazy if you mention the idea of a wick, especially if it is barely known in your country.
      • I saw that it is recommended to use antiobitics one per day when using the wick as to avoid a middle ear infection. Did you have to do the same or not?
      • Do you know whether they used normal IT Dexamethasone solution and if so at which concentration. I have seen that high doses seem to be 20mg/ml whereas low doses are only 4mg/ml. Did viscosity matter? I think for normal IT it would be good if the solution is less liquid and hence stays better at the round window, but for the wick it must probably be liquid.
      • Do I understand correctly that you used 0,2mL of the solvent for each application?
      • Did you have any bad side effects of the treatment such as pain, middle ear infection or the like?
      • May I ask how much the treatment with one wick did cost in the end (in ratio to say, the average income of your country or in $)?
      Thank you!

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