Neck/Face/Jaw Aching Real Bad Since Onset of Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by martinberryhorse, Feb 12, 2021.

    1. martinberryhorse

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      Aug 5, 2019
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      One hard cough
      Curious if these issues are part of why my eustachian tubes are so messed up. My neck was severely painful for two weeks after I got tinnitus.

      Neck pain ranging from severe to moderate for the last 18 months. Face aches along with it but less painful.

      Jaw on right side especially burns/aches. If I don't sleep with a nightguard the next morning my jaw will snap in and out of place for about an hour.

      I've seen a massage therapist which helped for a day or two but she was not a specialist and just did a full body massage, didn't do anything with my jaws, very little with neck.

      I have also tried a physical therapist. I was very disappointed as each visit consisted of me being read a book that tells you how pain isn't injury so don't worry about it, and then doing 15 minutes of aerobics. Wish I was kidding.

      Does anyone have any suggestions of where to go next or experiences with this?

      BTW: Two hearing tests both came back 100% fine. I have never been to a concert and have always used hearing protection for anything remotely loud as my dad was in the army and got tinnitus.
    2. Pierce Wolf

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      Nail gun charge going off outside the gun near my right ear
      Possibly nerve damage or pain hyperacusis spreading throughout your neck and jaw. The jaw popping is alarming however. Go see an ENT and make sure they examine your jaw. Maybe have an MRI or X-ray done.
    3. ShaunR

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      June 2004
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      Concert + Motorbike

      Same problem here. It started after 2 seconds of subjectively loud noise (wheel spin).

      I have had jaw ache and burning ever since. That was 10 months ago.

      Doctor thinks it's atypical trigeminal neuralgia. I was prescribed Tegretol which I think helps but it also stabilises my mood so not sure.

      I had an MRI (with double hearing protection); nothing found.

      I had 2 hearing tests. Doctors' office one showed mid range hearing loss. Proper hearing test shows perfect hearing.

      Next step is dentist but to be quite frank I feel like I'm barking up the wrong tree. Would be lovely to have a dodgy tooth removed and go back to normal though! Fat chance...

      Like Pierce Wolf said I'm afraid this maybe nerve damage. That either takes a long time to improve or never really goes away (which scares me).

    4. Sayeed

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      Dentist or orthodontist next maybe?

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