Need Some Tips on Coping with Noisy Places

Discussion in 'Support' started by meeruf, Oct 13, 2013.

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      I was at a Tae-Kwon-Do event today with my brother. It was his first fight event. I had to be there and cheer him up. He got bronze. Not bad for being his first time in a real fight.

      However. This event lasted 8 hours. It was not very loud, but some noise it was. 200-300 people with some background music with speakers. I was prepared with earplugs. I used the earplugs most of the time, but I had to take them out sometimes to hear what people said. If I'm to conservative with earplugs I can get hyperacusis to. That something I don't want. That is another reason I took the earplugs out sometimes.

      Now I don't know if my tinnitus is louder because I'm tired, or if I'm tired because of louder tinnitus. I don't know whats up and down. I'm home again now but the tinnitus have not settled yet. I don't even now if it actually is louder, or if I only feel bad about my tinnitus again. I used earplugs at the event, but T still got more bothersome or louder.

      I guess I just feel bad because I really wanted to be there for my brother 100%, but I feel like I can't. When people are talking to me I'm like: "uh?", like I'm on another planet.

      I don't know why I feel like this. This should be a win. It's the first time I'm at a event for eight straight hours after my accident.

      Anyone experienced something similar?
    2. Erlend
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      Yes but in my experience it is the fear of having made it worse that makes you listen and "convince" yourself: "Shit! was that sound there before? wtf have i done"

      But it hasn't been the case for me I think. Once was after a club visit a week ago, I think it was just drinking&Dehydration that made me a little worse the next day.

      And at Aker Brygge a boat honked LOOOOUD, so loud that all the other people at the bay (kaia/brygge, hva er det på engelsk?) covered their ears as if they all had hyperacusis.

      But I think worrying like this is worse than anything else. Gives T a grip on your life you don't want it to get.
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      If you were at an 8 hour event and used your earplugs most of the time it's probably just you trying to readjust.

      Earplugs are good to protect yourself from outside noises, but they'll temporarily make you more conscious of the noise going on in your ear(s) to a greater extent as outside noise will have a harder time getting through.
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      If you are going to wear earplugs its a good idea to take a break and take them out now and again.
      I tend to wear them for an hour or do then walk away from the noisy environment, and take a ten minute breather then go back in.
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      For me, earplugs for long periods don't bother me. I'm usually good for a 2 or 3 hours with the foam ones, less with the ER20s but I usually take 'em out between bands at a gig or whatever. I hate that feeling, after you hear a loud noise... "Can I hear T? Is it louder?". I'm currently trying to change my thought path from that, to more of a "Well that was a bit loud, move on". Easier said than done, admittedly.
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      Try "Musician earplugs", they have a small hole on it, you should still be capable of hearing conversation. I got an Alpine, which let's you choose between a "heavy duty" or a lighter tip. Works for me...
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      earplugs/ hearing loss
      the problem with them is that they block some frequencies very poorly and some may not be blocked at all. Sport events, especially with music in the background, can be as noisy as concerts. 8 h in such a place may be too long . But 8 h with earplugs in can definitely give a spike too before things get back to the baseline.
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      I can remember wearing foam plugs going to footy matches and when take them out my tinnitus sounded like a big rush of sound coming back.
      I found the noise reduction plugs better ....
      Lots of love glynis

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