New Here... Need Advice (What Kind of Doctors I Should Go To, What Helps, etc)

Discussion in 'Support' started by katie2709, Feb 17, 2016.

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      Hello my names Katie, i have been dealing with this ear pain and ringing for a few years now. At times the pain gets really bad, it feels like knifes and the pressure feeling is horrible along with the constant ringing. sounds on tv, movement, singing, talking, etc is unbearable to the point were i get frustrated and angry and really nobody around me can understand how painful it is. ive been the ER many times and the doctors always say it nothing. no ear infection, just a little swelling and redness, every time. now its gotten to a point were i have to wear ear plugs and constantly take pain medication. it helps to an extent but then slowly comes back. some days i can deal with it and other days its so bad that i just dont know what to do....

      i really would love some advice from other, what kind of doctors i should go to, what helps? or relives the pain. any kind of advice would be helpful.

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      Hi Katie,
      A warm welcome to the forum.
      Tinnitus should not cause pain,not to the extent your getting it to take painkillers.
      However,pressure pain can be felt at times.

      I would definitely see your doctor over the pain to get your ears checked and a referral to ENT and a routine MRI.
      It sounds that you could have Hyperacusis also with ears sensitive to sound .
      Try not over use ear plugs as they can make your ears sensitive too.
      With tinnitus comes lots of unwanted emotions that can be hard to deal with and hard for family understand what your going through.
      We all understand on here and here to support you anytime......lots of love glynis
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      This stuff keeps my hyperacusis away and makes the sounds quieter. When I first started it was a loud broadband hiss with constant pain and got worse at night. I also had the sensitivity to normal sounds. This is different than the ones people normally recommend(lipoflavonoid plus), which is just bioflavonoids. That stuff didn't do much for me.
      That being said, even this formula doesn't work for everyone, but maybe give it a shot.
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      one week after leg surgery plus hearing loss in higher freq.
      Hello Katie the doctors said there was just some redness and swelling.. I would think they would give you some type of steroid or meds to treat that issue. I would insist on getting blood work and an MRI to make sure there is no apparent problems in these areas. I have loud T but never had ear pain for I would think the redness and swelling could have a link to it. Taking alot of pain meds probably is not doing your T any help either but I understand you need some relief..Sometimes it is not a bad idea to change doctors for a fresh approach to your problems...

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