Otoprotective Nutrition/Medicine?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Badger19, Jul 21, 2019.

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      Hey everyone

      Just like all of you I'm trying to cope with my tinnitus. Since I've had a flare up and some fullness in my ear, I'm trying to do everything I can to stop my hearing loss from worsening.

      All I could find online was that a substance in red wine and red grapes should be otoprotective. But that's it? Are there any other otoprotective substances out there that have been scientifically tested?
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      You should do a search on Tinnitus Talk as there are many threads on this topic. I used to take NAC daily but have stopped as it was proven to be mostly ineffective. D-methionine is probably the best otoprotective agent but you can't buy it OTC. I do take L-methionine when I know I'm going to have some noise exposure. I've also taken ACE Mg at times. All those are explained here:

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      Nicotinamide riboside...
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      Hereditary hearing loss/noise exposure
      So, I have both noise-induced damage and some kind of hereditary hearing loss (might be Meniere's because it effects my low frequencies too :(, but still need to get tested for that) and I already take precautions when it comes loud noises... basically, I try not to go near them and wear plugs/muffs when it's unavoidable.

      But I was wondering if taking any supplements might be good for my ears as well... I've heard magnesium can potentially prevent or at least lesson the damage caused by noise so I recently started taking magnesium glycinate. I take melatonin before bed and sometimes take calcium.

      Are there any other supplements that might be beneficial in protecting my ear health? I don't expect much to be done for the damage I already have, but I'd really like to prevent or at least alleviate any further damage.

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