Poll: Is the Loudness of Your Tinnitus Comparable to Episodes of Fleeting Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lynny, Sep 6, 2020.


Is your fleeting tinnitus louder than your permanent tinnitus?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Sometimes

  4. I don't get episodes of fleeting tinnitus

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    1. Lynny

      Lynny Member

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      December 2018
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Unknown, possibly stress
      I get fleeting tinnitus often, and when I do I’m always glad my permanent tinnitus doesn’t sound like that. Fleeting tinnitus is so loud it seems to cancel out certain hearing frequencies and in my case it always gets steadily louder as it goes on (for about 35 seconds on average).

      I always think my permanent tinnitus is very loud as it can be heard over most things, but fleeting tinnitus is on another level.

      Is this the case for you guys? How does your permanent tinnitus measure up to fleeting tinnitus and does anyone know what makes them different?

      To me it almost seems like fleeting tinnitus is a whole different type of thing/comes from a different place.
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    2. Kriszti

      Kriszti Member Benefactor

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      I have similar experience. My permanent tinnitus is much quieter than the fleeting episodes, and also fleeting tinnitus is lower in frequency than my regular tinnitus. Fleeting tinnitus is also tonal, while the permanent one is more like an ultra high frequency electrical sound, like a flex, grinder, dentist drill.

      Yep, I'm always grateful that I don't have the fleeting tinnitus permanently, but for that reason fleeting tinnitus always scares me to death, that it may not go away.

      Since my tinnitus became more stable (knock on wood), I have had less fleeting episodes. I used to have them every other day, sometimes several times a day.
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    3. Lilah

      Lilah Member Benefactor

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      My fleeting tinnitus which I still get ocassionally now is much higher pitch but not louder. Another type of sound I get is the hollow seashell sound.
    4. ASilverLight
      In pain

      ASilverLight Member Benefactor

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      Probably noise, stress and a neck injury.
      Sometimes I get a tone that's louder than my fleeting tones. It's not constant but it's different from a fleeting tone. Something triggers it although I have no clue why, it's either specific frequency sounds or somatic. My tinnutus is nuts lol :confused:

      I have to say though, I think I'd prefer my fleeting T tone if it were stable that way... it's not that loud, and it sounds like heaven to just have one stable tone at this point. Yes, I am aware of how ridiculous that sounds.

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