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    1. kaitlyn

      kaitlyn Member

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      hi dr. nagler, I have prom coming up and idk what to do. I want to go but I'm hesitant because of the loud music there. I'm not sure what to do... what do you think? thanks for your time.

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    2. Dr. Nagler

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      Hi Sweet Kaitlyn -

      Prom is one of the most glorious times in the life of of a high school girl - or guy. You should absolutely go. And you should absolutely look forward to going as well.

      So here's what I'd do ...

      Get a whole bunch of multi-colored earplugs and bring 'em with you. Wear your own earplugs throughout the evening ... and if any of your friends are curious, offer a pair to them as well. Make a fashion statement!!!! :)

      Kaitlyn, it is possible that your ears might temporarily ring a little more after prom because of the loud music - in spite of your wearing earplugs. But the earplugs will prevent the loudness of the music from causing any actual damage to your auditory system - and your tinnitus will settle back down in a while. Of course it's even more likely that your tinnitus won't increase at all. I just don't want you to be surprised if it does. Either way, you'll be fine. So don't give it another thought.

      One more thing -

      I do not charge anybody for the advice I give here on the Doctors' Corner. But I'm making an exception in your case. Yup, I'm charging you. In return for the information above, I want you to have the best time ever, and post a photo of yourself in your prom dress so we can all ooooh and ahhhh! That's my charge.

      Be well. And thanks for posting such a good question.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler
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