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      Hi Dr Nagler,my senior prom is coming up and I have extreme anxiety when it comes to my ears and was worried about how loud the prom music will be and how can I protect my ears and make sure I don't lose any hearing?
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      I absolutely LOVE this question, Austin. Thank you so much for asking it.

      So first things first: Congratulations on being well on your way to successfully completing the school year.

      Now, as to what to do about Prom. Do not bring a pair of earplugs. Instead, bring hundreds of pairs of earplugs - enough for you, your date, and everyone else attending Prom - including chaperones, servers, and even the band! Not only that, see if you can get the earplugs in a variety of bright colors. Make a fashion statement ... and in so doing you will be making an important point that will not soon be forgotten. Your audiologist may have access to brightly colored earplugs through a distributor, who might even supply them at no charge to you just for all the free advertising.

      And have a great time!!!

      stephen nagler
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