Quercetin: Tinnitus, Anxiety, Allergies, Prevent Scarring, Lower BP, Fight Infections and More

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by calin, Mar 31, 2013.

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      Oct 2011
      I am taking a supplement of quercetin. Good stuff!

      Anybody else?
    2. racerfish
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      Noise / T worsened with antiobiotics
      Has anyone tried taking Quercetin for their tinnitus? I've also got prostate issues which said could be helped by this supplement, but it seems that Quercetin may also be ear friendly.

      Any experiences you could share would be helpful.
    3. Ecip

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      Still unknown... possibly noise exposure?
      Bringing this BACK TO LIFE!

      Guys, Quercetin (as well as large doses of Vitamin C) may be the best thing yet for fighting off COVID-19.

      Very much so that a Canadian lab is now doing trials in China.

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