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Discussion in 'Research News' started by Jack Rubinacci, Aug 14, 2018.

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      Noise induced
      • "Tinniwell is essentially an MP3 player but one which is equipped with special functions. Using headphones with active noise cancellation, the tinnitus sufferer can configure the device to their ear noise very precisely with respect to character (tone or sound), frequency (pitch) and volume." source
      • "Since subjective tinnitus is caused by hyperactivity of the nerve cells, tinnitus therapy with tinniwell makes use of one of the most remarkable capabilities of the human brain: the so-called neuroplasticity. This stimulates surrounding, healthy brain areas and thus uses the effect of lateral inhibition: the targeted activation of adjacent nerve cells, which include the perception spectrum outside of tinnitus, inhibits the activity of the cells responsible for the tinnitus tone." source
      The idea of neurofeedback and "tailor-made notched music" method is not new. They call everything regarding tinnitus treatments a breakthrough.
      • "The treatment takes place through special therapeutic headphones with built-in, individually adjustable heating. The light warming helps to stimulate the vagus nerve, producing a pleasant relaxing effect." source
      I'm wary of tinnitus treatments like this one. Tinnitracks, Tinnitus Pro, Tinniwell... We also don't know if it's safe for every tinnitus patient to wear in-ear earbuds or headphones.
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      injury from noxious noise
      What do you think of Susan Shore's device?
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      long term noise exposure (headphones), maybe some stress.
      *Sigh*..........just *Sigh*

      That's all I have to say about that!
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      I want to sell my MP3 too.
      Who wants it? This thread is reserved only for MP3 market.
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