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      Do any of you also purchase Schwan's packaged frozen foods, i.e. mixed vegetables, vegetables with bow tie pasta, fish (cod is good), steaks (if you eat red meat), and all kinds of desserts like pies, cheesecakes, etc.? I began a few months ago to order from them -- the food is delivered at my doorstep by a man who drives a refer truck -- and find their products to be perfect for an easy meal after a hard day. (What rough days we've been having dealing with demands at the hospital; plus, we are often work overtime).

      Tonight, I'm cooking ground turkey and onions, and on top of it I put one of Schwan's mixed vegetable items (there's an assortment you can choose from), and a pasta of some kind on top. I cover it at medium heat, with a few pinches of Mrs. Dash seasoning, then I take a shower, sit down for a few minutes, turn down the temp, and stir the meal.

      It really is good food, and very simple to fix. Microwave the veggies for two three minute episodes. I would recommend Schwan's to anyone who likes things easy.

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