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    1. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      I will be sedated on Monday for a procedure and a tube up my nose and down my throat .
      They will have oxygen on standby for my breathing if my oxygen seats drop due to sever asthma.
      I'm ok having it done and hope my ears don't spike or menieres join in the fun.
      Love to hear from members who have had it done ...lots of love Glynis
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    2. fishbone

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      loud noise and very bad sickness

      First of all, good luck :)

      2nd, i have been sedated 2-3 times in past 2 years and both times i chose propofol. I cannot take benzos, so I chose something else. Benzos = ativan, valium, xanax. I was put on these stupid pills by a clown doctor, who mis-diagnosed me and those pills took me to hell, but i was a strong person (mentally) that i beat that addiction. So, ask your doctor about what he/she thinks is best for you.

      Again good luck :)
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    3. billie48

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      not sure
      Sorry you have to go through this, Glynis. I hope everything will go well and you will have a speedy recovery. God bless.
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    4. fitActive04

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      Head Trauma
      Just wanted to say congrats on beating the benzos! I love hearing stories like that. Awesome willpower!
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