Severe Misophonia to Loud Cars and Motorbikes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sevv, Nov 21, 2020.

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      Hello everyone,

      I need to vent a bit and I am looking also for some advice.

      In my country a certain group of foreigners often likes to drive obnoxiously loud cars with loud exhaust, loud enough that it might induce actual hearing loss if you stand to close to them when they accelerate. Every time I hear those cars I get both very anxious and extremely aggressive to the point that I fear very much losing control of myself if one of those car drivers actually manages to give me a spike and there would be an opportunity to get back at him. The same problem exists with loud motorbikes or anybody who makes obnoxious, unnecessarily loud noise.

      I generally try to avoid walking besides streets just in case and wear earmuffs or at least earplugs (which probably would only be borderline sufficient as protection) when I have to, but there are still situations where I might get caught off-guard. I mean I could walk around all day with ear muffs but it makes me feel excluded somewhat so I try not to overdo it. I also fear provoking idiots if they see me using hearing protection.

      I don't really know what to do. All my setbacks were at least partially the fault of other people and because of that I have a very short fuse for noisy behaviour of other people. I feel like a dog in a corner that can't to anything but lash out in case something happens. I have difficulty accepting that I can't really do anything against people who are partially or fully responsible for my problems. The chance of successful legal action here is quite bad as I read of a case where a guy was honked at by an asshole for 30 seconds and developed at least moderate tinnitus because of it and his case was dismissed. I would feel a lot more at ease if I knew that I could get justice by suing those irresponsible people. But since that isn't really possible I am left alone with this urge to become violent which would lead me to even more problems in the end.

      Any suggestions? How do you deal with these situations and emotions?
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      It sounds like you live in a major city or in a very noisy neighborhood. Are you in the US?

      I'm actually going through the exact same thing, I live in between two very busy avenues, one is Broadway and the other is an avenue that leads to a bridge to New Jersey and the port authority. It is a very active neighborhood and there is tons of traffic pretty much everywhere, especially on weekends. The street I live in is very narrow and there are about 8 buildings sandwiched in this one long block. Thankfully, I live on the highest floor but the walls are as thin as paper so you can hear most noise coming from outside pretty well. So well, that it'll sound like the noise is literally in my apartment. I kid you not when those people you mention drive around all day in my neighborhood with their extremely loud cars with loud exhausts that aren't even meant to be built into the cars they have. What makes matters worse is that because the streets tend to be a lot less active in the evenings they will choose to start speeding and revving their cars up and down residential streets including my own! It sounds extremely loud from my apartment and has sent me into a rage, I'm sure other people in the neighborhood are feeling the exact same way, it is exhausting because the police will not do anything to stop this considering how those noise levels are deadly and are an actual threat to the wellbeing of others.

      You might find this article interesting because this is a very recent phenomenon:

      ...and many people are talking about it. I felt so relieved reading through the comments as people could really put all I was feeling in words, and believed that this is a pressing matter that needs to be addressed by the city.

      I don't think you are experiencing misophonia, I think this is an extremely rational fear as this is even a threat to people with perfectly healthy ears. I have literally jumped out of my sleeping from how loud these people rev their engines, it was at its worst during the Summer and I was absolutely miserable as I was also experiencing a spike in my tinnitus. It was a very anxiety ridden time for me but I am trying to learn to cope better.

      I understand exactly how you feel though and becoming violent won't resolve anything, its not guaranteed to stop anything either as these people clearly do not care for the wellbeing of others, so you are putting yourself at risk trying to approach them especially in an aggressive way. I can't really give you a solution on how to better deal with this because I'm feeling the same way as you, I genuinely get so angry because that extremely loud exhaust sound will come out of nowhere down the street and it just blows my mind how some people in this world are so careless and selfish. I sometimes think that they themselves will develop pretty moderate tinnitus because if it's loud for us imagine how it probably feels to be the one driving, it's bound to do some sort of damage. It sucks when you are trying to get better but experience setbacks because of the careless doing of others. I'm sorry you have to deal with this, and I really hope that government officials in our respective cities do something about this as it poses a serious threat to not only us who are already very susceptible to further hearing damage, but even to people with relatively healthy ears. Noise pollution is becoming a huge crises and no one wants to address it. I've read that in some countries you can get a serious fine for this sort of stuff, it is illegal to even honk for too long. Where I live, people honk just to honk but that is apparently a New York thing.
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      Hey there, thanks for the answer. I do not live in the US and neither in a city. You still get exposed to loud cars even in the countryside, so it's difficult to escape them completely. I think the EU is banning loud cars in the coming years.
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      First of all, don't call it misophonia. What you have is a rational desire to stay away from something that can cause serious problems.

      Have you tried wearing a good set of earplugs (e.g., 3M 1100 foam plugs) when you have to walk by the roads where you could be exposed to these noises?

      I hate the people who make noise in public with a passion. But we have to be aware of the fact that those people don't know that what they are doing can literally hurt someone's ears.
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      I'm new here and have just come across this thread. All I can do is say I completely sympathize with you Sevv. It's just God awful where I live. Loud rumbling cars, trucks and motorcycles all day and night. I literally have my noise reduction earphones within arm's reach at all times. It's an absurd way to live and I hate it.

      I'm sorry to say I hate the drivers of those vehicles. I wish tinnitus, hearing loss and hyperacusis on them.

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