Sharp Stabbing Feeling, Like High Pitched Ringing

Discussion in 'Support' started by Henry30, May 5, 2020.

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      Unknown (possibly noise induced)
      I've had tinnitus for just over 2 months now in my ear. I have multiple sounds including constant buzzing but there's this horrible whistling sound wavering up and down in volume with a sharp very high pitched beeping that's like I'm being repeatedly stabbed in the ear.

      Does anyone else have this type of sound? I feel severely depressed because it's so distracting and I can hear it everywhere apart from when I'm in the shower.
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      This sounds very similar to what many of us have here. You have to remember that the first months/years are by far the worst. In most cases, it does get better. I feel for you buddy as I remember exactly how I felt when I was in your position. I was scared, depressed, and felt utterly lost. However, fast forward five years and I don’t feel at all like how I did back then. Time is a great healer.

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