Should I Have Taken Prednisone?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Penelope33, May 3, 2014.

    1. Penelope33

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      October 2013
      Just before I got tinnitus my ear felt really stuffed up and I couldn't hear as well is usual in it. The ent I went to prescribed prednisone. I didn't take it.
      The muffled sound took a week to clear then I heard the tinnitus. Does taking the prednisone stop the tinnitus forming at the early stage? Or does it just help being hearing back? I am kicking myself that if I'd have taken it, I wouldn't have t. What are your thoughts?
    2. Denny

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      Jan 2013
      I took prednisone for 1 week and methylprednisone for 1 week and it didn't
      seem to make a difference. I also took a nasal inhaler too. When i returned to
      the ENT he wanted to put me on Xanax.
    3. Mr. Cartman

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      Hi Penelope.

      I havent come across too many research reports regarding prednisone and T,
      however I did read a research report lately that stated prednisone taken early after acoustic trauma (hours to a couple of days) did in fact have positive effects regarding the recovery of the ear.

      I was on prednisone, but I still have T, and to my knowledge prednisone taken early is not a way to eliminate T, but rather suppress the inflammation in cochlea after acoustic trauma.

      Maybe someone else might be able to provide some more information regarding prednisone and T :)
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    4. I who love music

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      mid seventies
      I've had T since the 70's. Through the years I've been on prednisone for different things. It can both lower my T and it can make it worse temporarily.
    5. carol kane

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      @ i who love music, i just got some musician ear plugs made with 25 DB filter do you think they will be enough protection for me at a wedding that i'm going to?
    6. bill 112

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      Noise exposure
      When I first developed T I was given a pile of steroid medication as they believed it to be a sinus problem didnt make a single difference unfortunately pretty sure they are still researching this to see if a steroid intervention is beneficial at all.Pretty sure there is no real proof that its beneficial for this problem but im no expert pretty sure Attheedgeofscience has more knowledge on the subject.
    7. AUTHOR

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      October 2013
      Thanks guys, I guess it's one of those try and see things....
      I didn't know it dosent stop tinnitus I just thought it helped to bring hearing loss back after sshl, as u understand even if you have slight hearing loss it can cause t?
    8. Martin69

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      (Health) Anxiety
      Don't blame yourself.
      They gave me lots of prednisone and it didn't change anything.
      They also offered me those high oxygen therapies in special high pressure rooms (or however they call it). I refused.
      T is for me a brain thing. So treating blood flow would not make any difference.
      You are fine and it would have not changed anything for you.
      It would only have given you side effects.
      Don't care too much and also do not care about all the other snake oil therapies.
      Let's hope we will habituate.

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