Silica / Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) / Orthosilicic Acid

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      I used to ingest DE - Diatomaceous Earth - regularly (once a day or so) for some time. I stopped (can't remember why) and do it only every now and then. I was looking through the anecdotal testimonies and informational beneficial affects and properties of DE on the site I always order it from and found it may decrease tinnitus. hmmm... I never saw that before... probably cause I didn't have tinnitus when I studied up on it and purchased it. is the site.

      Anyhow, I started more research today on DE for tinnitus and added orthosilicic acid / silica in the search engine. I just spent hours and hours on the internet. I was not going to just take the word of a few dozen or so web sites that all repeated the same stuff about the benefits of DE. No sir!

      I did have a thought about silica helping to restore the damaged hair cells in the ear... just a passing thought. Silica is involved with hair, skin , connective tissues, nails, bones, teeth, etc...

      I will post (or you can if you find some good stuff) some information for you to decide.

      My thought is that since I was taking DE for some time and I still got tinnitus, that it was not something that would help me. But, I can't remember how long ago I stopped in relation to when I got the tinnitus.

      I know my cats do well with it when I add it to their food. Or for that matter for the elimination of fleas. I use it for all the ants that hang out too. My cholesterol levels and triglycerides were great on my last blood test... could be DE that helped... don't know for sure.

      I have not found testimonies about taking DE for tinnitus decrease... still searching.

      A friend of mine took DE with tomato juice and recently had an colonoscopy... clean as a whistle!
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      Has anyone tried this recently? I saw a post on Facebook about someone getting rid of their pulsatile tinnitus with this supplement.

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