Sleep Pillow Speakers Recommendations? Will They Not Make Tinnitus Worse?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Junaid_t, Apr 19, 2020.

    1. Junaid_t

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      Loud music exposure
      Hi everyone!

      I seem to be able to get on with most things during the day without any problems. When I’m working in a quite environment or when in a quite street I can hear it slightly but doesn’t sound intrusive. In louder environments it’s masked or I can’t hear it. For e.g. - when I go into a supermarket driving etc So during the day I’m coping well.

      Now at night it’s a completely different story! It gets so loud that I just can’t believe it's the same tinnitus! The left ear especially just seems to really amp up when no sound is around. It’s a very loud screeching cricket sound!! I should note that I am going through bad anxiety because of this so that probably is making the sound louder!

      I got some amazing advice from everyone on Tinnitus Talk regarding sleep strategies etc a couple of months back. I’ve had good and bad days since.

      So now I think I’m going to buy one of those speaker sleep pillows.

      Does anyone use them? Can you recommend any good ones? And lastly are they safe to use in terms of not making the tinnitus worse?

    2. Bill Bauer
      No Mood

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      February, 2017
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Have you considered just playing the sound of crickets through regular speakers?
    3. AUTHOR

      Junaid_t Member

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      Loud music exposure
      Thanks Bill, I didn’t want to try that as it would disturb my wife lol.
    4. lightning

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      Loud noise exposure
      She'll get used to it. My wife sleeps while listening to my iPad crickets and wind noise without any issue.
    5. Forever hopeful

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      August 2015

      When I first got tinnitus sleeping was a nightmare. I am a side sleeper and when I occluded the ear by placing it on the pillow, I couldn’t sleep. Tried sleeping on my back, but it was hard. So I bought the sound pillow. It was a life saver. Told my ENT about it. I even got a travel one to take with me when we go. It really helped. My husband never heard it as I kept it low but it helped so much. I do not use it so much anymore but it helped a lot.

      Good luck.
    6. MBH

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      Overloaded stress
      I use a sound machine. Mine plays many sounds and I play ocean and the volume moves up and down. I can't sleep without it. I also use a fan. As for my husband he adjusted to it, he said he does.
    7. zombiechick

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      Medication and hearing loss
      My spouse knows it really bothers me and doesn't mind when I play sounds off my phone. He's used to it. But every spouse is different. Maybe she could wear ear plugs?
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    8. jasonbourne

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    9. Digital Doc

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      noise induced
      I believe that quiet at night is the best option for those that have noise induced T. Therefore, I sleep with earplugs which works best for me. Noise, even at low db's, at night makes my T worse.

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