Sleeping with Sounds or Silence?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sgguy46, Oct 18, 2015.

    1. Sgguy46

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      I generally sleep in silence ... with the aircon noise. I read somewhere that this is not good and that we should sleep with some sound? Is it true?
    2. Gill Hayes

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      Stress I think
      I sleep with nature sounds on all night, at a volume just below that of my tinnitus. Not only does this help me sleep but, apparently, it's good to give your brain something else to listen to (other than the T) even when you're asleep.
    3. Blackbird26

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      I've always trusted my body and let it tell me what it prefers. Right from beginning when everyone insisted on sound at night (not here) I tried* always woke up worse. So silence has reigned ever since. I feel our brains/ ears need rest. It seems more natural than to always be stimulated. Sleep is our bodies way to recharge itself, heal itself..My Neuro explained that my lack of good sleep prevents my body from healing chronic pain) He blames the benzodiazepine my doc stuck me on years ago..Studies show they prevent deep sleep, like alcohol.

      My personal view point is in terms of T, the ones that sadly pass because of it, I believe lack of sleep is a major factor.
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    4. glynis

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      I would say go with how you feel but sound therapy set below your tinnitus is good as its through the night the sound works its magic.
      Your brain works hard to pick up the lower sound you have chosen and pushes your tinnitus into the background and this helps you cope better in the day....lots of love glynis
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    5. noisebox

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      West End show. Came back 2015 vitamin D overdose prescribed
      I'm with you. When I got my T 3 years ago I had no trouble sleeping and ignored advice to sleep with sounds. I felt my T needed to have silence, to recover and it did every night. Eventually I believe it went most of the time just returning if exposed to noise but went again with sleep.
      Now sadly due to illness and stress I've had a relapse of T and H. I have tried nature sounds as my sleep this time got disturbed but I end up switching it off each night as the ears need peace. I still have a clock but wonder should I go back to total silence as now sleep is returning with melatonin my ears are crying for quiet before the day is through.
    6. Blackbird26

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      "ears crying for quiet"

      Listen to them ;)

      Sorry for your relapse..been there as well..H is hell.
    7. Blackbird26

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      I hope the illness isn't it neurological? (migraine or anything? ) wondering if that is cause of relapse.
    8. linearb

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      Short of sleeping in a completely soundproof room, I don't think there's any harm in sleeping in silence.

      Most urban and suburban environments have ambient noise in the 30-40 db range, which is probably more consistent than the noises we evolved sleeping through. On the other hand, country living has soundscapes which can be that loud, or louder, during cricket season and the like.

      There's no such thing as silence.

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