So Annoying! (Does Anyone Else Have the Ringing in Only One Ear?)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sandy63, Nov 26, 2016.

    1. Sandy63

      Sandy63 Member

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      I posted about a week ago, and a lot has changed. My T is really frustrating. Let me try to explain.
      I've had it now for 28 days. It never stays the same. Most mornings, I really can't hear the ear noise.

      I've noticed that it gets worse at night. It's pretty quiet in the mornings.

      My T is only in one ear, my right ear. It started in the right ear only.

      I've been experimenting with Gingko Biloba. Last night, my ear was making so much noise, I got up and took one Gingko Biloba. I couldn't believe it, but it stopped the ringing totally! It lasted 2 whole days, and returned. But I'm glad to know it does stop it.

      Right now, I'm in bed, trying to watch the TV, but I just can't focus.

      This is a terrible condition to have!

      Does anyone else only have the ringing in only one ear?
    2. GregCA

      GregCA Member Benefactor Hall of Fame

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      Yes. Right ear for me too.
    3. MikeL1972

      MikeL1972 Member

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      Hi Sandy,

      Yes, I have tinnitus only in the left ear.
    4. stophiss

      stophiss Member

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      April 2016
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      too full a life
      Most of my tinnitus is in my left ear though the right ear gets in the game once in a while.
      Pretty common what you wrote OP...though some like me have the loudest T when they wake up in the morning which can but doesn't always diminish during the day. Ambient noise level matters a lot.
      Not a whole lot of rhyme or reason....many have variation to their T including me but some have extreme shifts like Michael from silence to severe T which is quite unusual.
    5. Sam Bridge

      Sam Bridge Member Benefactor

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      Loud music/gigs probably
      Yep right ear only for me. Usually have some purple noise playing when i watch the tv which helps alot.
    6. Michael Leigh

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      Brighton, UK
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      April /1996
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    7. PaulBe

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      Probably sound, though never proven
      Left ear exclusively. Sometimes it seems to extend to a sort of central position, but there is always this solid, spurting hiss right next to my Left ear. It never appears to the Right in the same way.
    8. snow47

      snow47 Member

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      I think pressure to jaw. I don't know.
      Just left and with blocked ear.
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    9. Candy

      Candy Member Benefactor Advocate

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      Unidentified's a roller coaster. You will slowly get to know your T better. Mine is unpredictable but it manifests itself in certain ways, which I am now familiar with. What is the name of the ginko you used, how much? Had it stopped before?
    10. Jkph75

      Jkph75 Member

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      Yes, but I don't hear out of the other one. Not sure if that counts.
    11. Sorien

      Sorien Member

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      I have it in the right ear too!

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