Some Tinnitus Success Stories from People Around Me

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Samy, Mar 24, 2022.

    1. Samy

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      Acoustic trauma
      Hi! I’m new to tinnitus and trying to survive these firsts horrible months (I’m 2 months in). I started talking to some friends about it and found out that some of them have had this same problem! So here are a few «success stories» from people I know:

      • A friend had tinnitus when she was 20 years old, after a loud concert close to the speakers. One year after the tinnitus vanished, but she continues using earplugs when in loud places.

      • Other friend had a horrible otitis and ruptured eardrum, that gave her tinnitus. She took a lot of medications and antibiotics, and after 7 months her tinnitus was gone. Now she has 40% of hearing loss in one ear, but no more tinnitus.

      • My cousin had tinnitus for years, until she went to a very good doctor and discovered that it was caused by TMJ. She is doing some treatments (I don’t know which, my aunt didn’t told me) and now the tinnitus is much less bothersome.

      • My husband’s friend worked for a lot of years in buildings construction. He had some hearing loss and tinnitus. The tinnitus was gone after some years and he doesn’t care anymore about his hearing loss.

      I hope someday we’ll all be healed or have a treatment.
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    2. Alex1986

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      4 months
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      Two doses of Lexapro and Ativan
      Thank you for this blessing. Where did your tinnitus come from?
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    3. AUTHOR

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      Acoustic trauma
      @Alex1986, mine is from an acoustic trauma (too close to the speakers in a nightclub). It came with hyperacusis too :/
    4. jc canedo

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      Excessive use of headphones maybe
      i hope my noise-induced tinnitus goes away too. I've been with it for 2 years and 4 months and it's still going on.

      How long have you been with tinnitus?
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    5. Jonnie

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      Thank you for sharing these stories @Samy!

      I hope you become a success story as well, alongside myself and others on this forum :)
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    6. forum_user

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      SSRI, Noise, Stress ?

      I hope it is OK that I tag along here. Here are some stories I've found on the internet, for example on a German forum about tinnitus, but not only. I just summarized some basics.

      Story 1:
      Cause: Noise induced, acute trauma (fireworks).
      Duration: 15 years.
      Time without tinnitus after recovery: 10 years.

      Story 2:
      Cause: Noise induced, concert + probably long term exposure (passionate music lover) + TMJ/posture component + stress.
      Duration: about 1 year, at the beginning severe/moderate (?).
      Time without tinnitus after recovery: 20 years.
      (Some more success cases were mentioned by the person: a relative who had tinnitus after a tooth operation - the tinnitus went away; someone who had it after a trigeminal nerve inflammation - went away; and someone who hears it now only for a few minutes when he smokes a cigarette).

      Story 3:
      Cause: Repeated hearing loss.
      Duration: 3 years, with 1.5 years severe (loud chain saw), then gradually less until silence - it comes back few (2-3) times in a year for a few days but disappears again.
      Time without tinnitus after recovery: 9 years.

      Story 4:
      Cause: Noise induced, acoustic trauma from a very loud siren.
      Duration: 2 years and 2 months, severe for a longer time.
      Time without tinnitus after recovery: 2.5 years, it comes back for 3-4 days about 5-6 times in a year, otherwise silence.

      Story 5:
      Cause: Noise induced, many loud parties.
      Duration: 1 year and 1-2 months.
      Time without tinnitus after recovery: ?

      Story 6:
      Cause: Hearing loss (repeated: 3x times in 14 years), stress, burn out syndrome.
      Duration: Summer 2010 - September 2011; 11 months "constant" - it changed the volume and pitch all the time - so far that the poster was suicidal, then gradually less until silence. Not even a bit with earplugs in silence.
      Time without tinnitus after recovery: About 2 months (November 2011).

      Story 7:
      Cause: Tinnitus out of nowhere + vertigo.
      Duration: 9 months, the loudness changed between loud and quiet, vertigo stayed.
      Time without tinnitus after recovery: 6 days (so far I did not find any post claiming it came back).

      Story 8:
      Cause: 2x tinnitus, noise (?), second time accompanied by hyperacusis.
      Duration: each time 11 - 12 months. It came suddenly and went the same way. It was reactive and got louder and higher when other noises present and got quieter with silence and earplugs. It went both times completely away.
      Time without tinnitus after recovery: 1st time: at least 10 years, 2nd time: ?

      I will post in the next days/weeks more, as I've found more. Hope you will find them calming!
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    7. pc1

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      Colds virus
      How are you going, @Samy?

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