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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ashish Sahoo, May 4, 2016.

    1. Ashish Sahoo

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      Sound Oasis tinnitus therapy lite is an app on App is a free app...

      I started using it 3 days ago and miracle happened from the next day...

      My screaming high frequency tinnitus came down...

      And I can listen it only when I plug my ears...

      It has become very less...

      I play it on earphone at night when i go to sleep for half an hour...

      And next day is a gift...

      You can try it... all the sounds in it are clinically tested by Dr. Jefferey Thompson one of the world's leading experts on sound therapy... try it it really works...
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    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Thank you for sharing the app information and great to hear it as really helped you....lots of love glynis
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    3. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      I tried this app - really nothing particulary new, no sound settings and a very limited choice of sounds which don't give much high frequncy.

      There are much better apps available - Sleep Pillow has a lot of great sounds, myNoise has more and sound settings, and a good one with frequency noise and sound settings and residual inhibition settings is Whist Tinnitus.
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    4. Ashish Sahoo

      Ashish Sahoo Member

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      thnx Glynis.
    5. Ashish Sahoo

      Ashish Sahoo Member

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      thnx Bobby B i will try these apps and share the results with u..
    6. Karen Perry

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      not sure
      I don't know..I have yet to try. I heard from a friend that Sound Options really works..and looks like it's an easy set up (I can download the therapy on the iphone!!) also cost friendly. But I don't know. My tinnitus has gone down recently by itself. Maybe when it spikes up again...

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