Split Second Tinnitus Spikes from Noises

Discussion in 'Support' started by shasta0863, Jun 17, 2015.

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      I've had T for a very long time (noise induced, but no tested hearing loss), now in my mid 20's and somehow my T has got worse (either from waking up to a wood saw being used outside my widow, a motorcycle that passed days later or the Omeprazole medication I stopped taking after a month; all three occurred within the week prior to T perma increasing) and has been worse for the last two weeks. While I can't understand why or know why, I know I've been concentrating more on my T and hearing it all throughout the day which I never had before; certain sounds used to mask it no longer do.

      One thing I've started noticing now, is that sudden noises spike my Tinnitus for about half a second. It's very quick but anything triggers it. Typing on the keyboard triggers it, bottle slightly crunching, a pen dropping on a desk, plastic dropping on a surface, anything and everything seems to trigger the T increase.

      Has anyone experienced this? Could my ears still be in a volatile place and sensitive from what ever caused my T increase a few weeks ago? Perhaps I always had it and never noticed it as I wasn't focused on my T. I'm at a loss.

      On a side note, my ENT looked into my nose and stated I had allergic rhinitis and recommended a nasal spray for it. Though I've never had much symptoms of allergies, besides occasional stuffy nose that goes away, I do at times experience fullness in the ear. Is it possible ETD can make noise induced tinnitus worse?
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      Noise / Possible Medication
      I have had this before - its like an instant "eeee" with a sound. I no longer have it now to be honest - so there's a good chance it may subside.
    3. shasta0863

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      Thanks for your response. It is essentially just a high pitch T increase for a split second. Higher than what I already have, similar to the "eeee" you stated. Glad yours wen't away, glad to know I'm not alone on this.
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    4. Thongjy

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      Are you guys referring to fleeting T?
    5. shasta0863

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      No, I don't think so. I'm semi-familiar with the term, as I believe I have it (I will usually get a sudden loud T in one ear that surpasses my original T and get a fullness or almost deafness like feeling, usually lasting 5-30 seconds by sometimes I've had it last hours).

      What I'm experiencing currently is sudden noises (not loud) spiking the T for a split second. A lot of noises that are sudden spike my T higher for a split second and I'm not sure why.
    6. Megatron

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      Hi Shasta,

      I am having exactly the same thing at the moment. Sounds/feels like small "electric firing buzz" in a split second. High pitched and impossible to mask.
      I have had it over the years - several times (10 years with T) and it comes from time to time. This is my "hate-noise" number 1... Even burns a little bit.
      Have had it for 12 days now - hope it will go away again... it has always done that anyway.
      I don't know if that helps :)
    7. Zeneth

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      Very Unknown At This Point.... most likely loud sound?
      I think I have this too
    8. Emz96

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      listening to loud msuic on bus it finally caught up with me
      I am experiencing that now and it is freaking me out it comes and goes

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